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In time five-years periods Zenishcheva in Syktyvkar have constructed the Ice palace and have taken down metallist

the Former town governor of capital Komi Roman Zenishchev has occupied a city administration post of the head in 2005.

Through three - four years of its work in Syktyvkar that only has not started to be under construction.

the School of arts in Michurinsk park became First signs . There was it from long-term construction, some years an eyesore to townspeople. Meanwhile, the shabby wooden building of old art school any more did not maintain for a long time any criticism. To complete a new building and to move there « hudozhku » and at the same time and choreographic school, it was possible by August 2009 - go.

to open « School of arts » has arrived to Syktyvkar odnopartijka Zenishcheva – the infamous ballerina and until recently a member « an United Russia » Anastasia Volochkova.

Here in Michurinsk park there was also the first in a city a covered ice palace which has been constructed under the federal program with support « an United Russia ». Was under construction long, opening was constantly transferred, but when it has taken place, to have a look here was on what. To present syktyvkartsam a covered ice skating rink there has arrived Irina Rodnina — one of the most well-known and titled our figure skaters.

To present syktyvkartsam a covered ice skating rink there has arrived Irina Rodnina — one of the most well-known and titled our figure skaters.


Syktyvkar and more one sports construction &mdash Has got; a sports complex in the Orbit . For its building have spent 130 million roubles.

the children`s polyclinic 1 Has moved to a new building and . Doctors long were ready to leave, waited for moving from an old building in the street Soviet Domny Kalikova on street, and here in 2008 this joyful event happens. The polyclinic has occupied first three floors of a brand new building. On a ground floor subsidiary premises, on the first &ndash have taken place; narrow experts, on the second – pediatric branch. All ambulatory has occupied 2000 square metres which have managed to municipality in 65 million roubles.

Besides, in capital Komi have erected hostel « Avalon » where all visitors star persons now stop. And to the simple person to stay the night in this pathos place will manage dorogovato — cost of the most unpretentious number almost 4 thousand roubles a day.

But Syktyvkar has lost several habitual buildings and constructions.

For example, have closed an old building the central city polyclinic — has very much decayed. It tried to expose on the auctions, but wishing to buy a building to which even major repairs would not help, nobody has wanted. New polyclinic will construct on a place of the former art school that in the street Charles Marx.

the Central polyclinic have closed. It would be not not helped even by major repairs.


Is not present more in republic capital a recreation centre « metallist » . The building of the former recreation centre stood many years the thrown. Its attempts to reanimate were undertaken, the former republican committee on youth affairs intended suit in its walls the producer centre for young bestowals, but grandiose plans and could not come true.

to Nobody the necessary building was empty, while private investors have not become interested in it. They have decided to take down « metallist » and to erect on its place a new multiroom housing estate - « the Swallow`s nest ».

One more building in Syktyvkar even has begun, but, most likely, to end it is not fated. This building a housing estate « the Kaleidoscope » , erected by the infamous company « Ah - Si - Ti » on crossing of streets International, May Day and Freedom. Financial crisis has strongly struck on the companies and erection of two original houses - cylinders has calmed down. Now thrown building slowly acquires garbage.


Who from stars was on friendly terms with eks - the mayor?

In time merstva Romana Zenishcheva to Syktyvkar ran time and again well izvetsnye on TV - to projects showmen – Vladimir Turchinsky and Paul Will. Both with that and with another as Zenishchev admitted, it svjazvala personal friendship. Towards the end of the abiding on fast Zenishchev himself « it was lighted » in the Gum project - Klab where with pleasure laughed to jokes about « a godforsaken place ».