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On Kuban managing a kindergarten where 31 kid has poisoned, have dismissed

Four bosom friends from Gelendzhik, walking after lessons, have decided to be thrown off and buy in the nearest booth pepsi - kolu. But, having satisfied thirst, approximately an hour later 15 - summer guys felt badly. Sharply was ill and the head has begun to spin. To parents to speak about an indisposition of the boy did not become, have followed consultation in hospital.

- to Them have rendered first aid, have washed out stomachs and have sent on out-patient treatment, - the senior assistant administrator of regional investigatory management Ivan Sengerov tells. - Analyses are not ready yet, therefore now there is no saying teenagers have poisoned with what exactly. Perhaps they with aerated water mixed vodka? Now inspectors spend dosledstvennuju check, also is found out, a leah there were goods delayed or counterfeit.

With the diagnosis « a poisoning » kids from a kindergarten 7 in Apsheronske have fallen ill also.

- in the Evening on Wednesday to the child it became bad, vomiting has begun, the temperature has risen, the throat began to be ill, - told mummies on reception at doctors in infectious hospital where children began to arrive one after another.

All in hospital with infectious disease signs there was 31 child. Symptoms at all similar. However next morning the most part of children have released home. Under supervision of doctors there were only nine persons aged till six years.

- tentative data of laboratory researches of analyses Are known. At six children the infection is revealed rotavirusnaja. It is not a bacterium and cannot contain in foodstuff, it is a virus which could be brought in a kindergarten including one of ill children, - have told to us in a press - service of Apsheronsky area. - however final outputs of Rospotrebnadzor yet has not made, they will be known on Monday. Now all children are at home, the garden is closed on disinfection. And local authorities have dismissed its manager this very day. Incident investigation under personal control took the head of Krasnodar territory Alexander Tkachev.

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