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The party of sportsmen supports Yury Meshkova

Hristiansko - Liberal party the former boxer

In Crimea has headed enterprise structures have created Hristiansko - Liberal party. On it has informed yesterday on a press - conferences the chairman of the Congress of Russian communities Dmitry Rogozin who was present on presentation of new party in Yalta. Evgenie Podonev, the former boxer who is engaged nowadays in sports business has headed Christian liberals.

Apparently, Hristiansko - Liberal party will have in Crimea considerable influence. It is known that for military - sports clubs and the associations which have founded new party (among them the International centre on fight against terrorism Garda ) There are serious enterprise and financial structures of Crimea. The new party has quite visually shown the possibilities on presentation.
in honour of the new political organisation in Yalta has passed air parade in which planes and helicopters of the Crimean airline have taken part. And on the presentation there was a president of Crimea Yury Meshkov and representatives of some political parties and the unions of Crimea - Russian party, Party of economic revival, the Sports tourist union. Were as well leaders of the Russian public organisations - the Congress of Russian communities and party Sports Russia .
Sports Russia in many respects became the sample for Hristiansko - Liberal party of Crimea. In the party program it is specified that it supports statehood strengthening, the statement in a society of Christian and liberal values, and also for protection of political and economic interests of the members. To struggle for the power party does not gather yet.
it is not excluded that the president of Crimea of Yury Meshkova also will support liberals. After all problems of Hristiansko - Liberal party and the Crimean president while quite coincide: preservation of stability and strengthening of economic relations with Russia. However in the further their position can disperse. New party, basically representing interests of local businessmen, the aggravation of the conflict to Kiev would be extremely unprofitable that, certainly, the damage can cause to their business.
while heads of party consider that the Prorussian national policy spent by the president of Crimea, is correct, however it is necessary to soften it a little .