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Meeting of shareholders of stock exchange

Having retired, the president of a stock exchange has sighed with simplification

Yesterday results of annual meeting of shareholders of Sankt - the Petersburg stock exchange elections of its new president became which basic question have been officially declared. The former chief executive SPFB Vladimir Gorbunov became them. The first president of a stock exchange Igor Kljuchnikov has filed a resignation that, under the informal information, is connected with its desire to pass for work in one of commercial structures of Petersburg. At the same time the decision g - on Kljuchnikova could be caused that SPFB has now not the best times.

the Question on Igor Kljuchnikova`s heading SPFB from the moment of its basis in 1990 resignation, was discussed in a lobby of a stock exchange from the beginning of spring. Under the informal information, leaving g - on Kljuchnikova is connected with its intentions actively to participate in activity of commercial structures. In interview to the correspondent he has not confirmed and has not denied this statement, having told only that after acceptance of the resignation feels the big sense of relief .
Many, however, are inclined to explain resignation g - on Kljuchnikova set of problems which has faced SPFB recently. From the beginning of 1993 the stock exchange which has made the auctions opened for regular customers, became the centre of voucher trade of a city, and subsequently, having begun trade in cash currency through the authorised banks, has involved in itself and attention of currency speculators. But in the spring of this year volumes of an off-exchange turn have considerably blocked volume of operations officially carried out through a stock exchange. Attacked SPFB trade crisis has compelled board to change urgently rules of the auctions to force brokers to carry out transactions through a clearing house.
One more serious problem mentioned at meeting, - adverse kriminogennaja conditions which have developed round a stock exchange. Threats and robberies of brokers mafia groups have got regular character. Workers SPFB connect this situation also that in April has expired term of rent of a premise of exhibition hall Lenexpo and chemodannye moods have weakened control over safety.
however, the problem of a new premise as it has been declared to shareholders, is already solved: the association club " becomes a new haven of a stock exchange; Leninets located near to metro station Narva . Moving, possibly, will begin literally one of these days.