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The government discusses state of the economy

On presidium will admit only the

Up to last moment the governments accredited yesterday on presidium journalists did not know, will take place unexpectedly appointed to Wednesday (instead of habitual Thursday) session or will be transferred again. Preliminary received information has proved to be true: the government presidium will be, as well as usually, on Thursday. As always in similar cases, the greatest interest at the observers specialising on illumination of work of the Russian government, caused a question on, whether something is not necessary behind similar maneuvers bolshee, than purely technical problems of consideration of serious questions after four holidays.

Apparently, it is not necessary. As considers the majority of employees of governmental body with which the correspondent managed to talk over yesterday, the decision on carrying out of two sessions of presidium on one week (on Wednesday and Thursday) was born most likely from a remark of the prime minister about necessity of separate consideration of a question on a condition of the Russian economy. Operatively having worked, the head of machinery of government has put on a table to the head of the office of the offer under the summons of the next session in which one question which has caused the greatest attention of Victor Tchernomyrdin has been included only. The head of the government, however, has solved all organizational questions in the spirit of rationalism: any innovations will not be. As well as it is necessary, this week the presidium will gather only once - today.
it is obvious that the main problem which should be discussed, the question from the yesterday`s agenda - an economic situation in the country is. Session problem is most likely not acceptance of fatal decisions - under the available information, any those projects at the government now are not present (and thank God!) - And demonstration to the president of the concern concerning what even the corrected look-ahead indicators of development of the Russian economy on the first half of the year (in which negative dynamics dominates) are exceeded . Instead of predicted 15 - 7 % of recession manufacture can be reduced more than to 20 % in comparison with the similar period of last year. Simultaneously the government will aspire to prove that keeps control of a situation. It is probable, just because the main addressee of all told at presidium is the Kremlin, session will pass behind the closed doors and the press on it will not be admitted.
however, there is one more version, on - to the explaining the raised privacy of a today`s meeting of a management of the government. Under the informal information, right now at level of the head of the government and its assistants the question on a management of the Ministry of Finance is solved. Both to the prime minister, and its assistants - first of all to Alexander Shokhin which powers are dictated not in the last instance to that the counterbalance is necessary for financial department objectively amplifying in the conditions of market economy - at the given stage important not to admit revival in any form at least a part of that power which was got by the Ministry of Finance in structure of the Russian government at Boris Fedorove. Employees of the ministry assert that fulfilling duties of the minister to Sergey Dubinin through the third parties let know that a unique role which he can play, becoming the minister, it a role of the Barin`s son (the former Minister of Finance Vasily Barchuk was as a matter of fact the chief accountant of the country implicitly executing all orders of the management). As alternative to Dubinin nominees of the first deputy minister of the finance of Andrey Vavilov and the head of economic department of governmental body Andrey Zvereva are called.
it is possible, during today`s discussion of state of the economy of the country the most steadfast attention will be given a position of the Ministry of Finance headed by Sergey Dubinin. Especially considering that fact that in the Kremlin walls the increasing popularity is got by idea of search a corridor between low inflation and high unemployment . Depending on that is put in these words, hardness or softness anti-inflationary belief and. The island of the Minister of Finance can define its further destiny. It is clear that such events do not occur on public.