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Consequence/ sentences

Court of Estonian city of Kohtla - Jarve (Kohtla - Jarve) has pronounced a sentence to Alexander Denisov, the participant of October events of 1993 in Moscow, recognising as its guilty of illegal carrying of fire-arms. Denisov has received 2 months and 17 days of arrest. In view of that this term has already been left by it in the course of preliminary investigation, after announcement of a sentence of Deniss has been released from - under guards. By court it is established that citizen of Russia earlier living in Estonia Deniss has returned to republic in the autumn of last year after a failure of October putsch in Moscow. He has been arrested by employees of Estonian special services on February, 15th for antistate activity (subsequently this charge has disappeared). At detention the TT pistol has been withdrawn from Denisov. The arrested person has explained to a consequence that ran from Russia, being afraid of prosecution for participation in events 3 - on October, 4th. During preparation for process in embassy of Estonia in Moscow leaders of the organisation " have addressed; the Russian national unity with the request to release the arrested person and to send it to Russia. However this application has been disregarded, and business is transferred criminal police of Estonia.

In Baku litigation on so-called " has begun; gjandzhskomu to business . As it is known, on June, 4th, 1993 in Gandzha the governmental armies have tried to disarm the taken the fling armed formations under command of colonel Sureta Gusejnova (the present prime minister - the minister of Azerbaijan). As a result of collisions in a city there were victims and wounded men. After that true Gusejnovu of formation have undertaken a march - a throw to Baku that has led to overthrow of president Abulfaza Elchibeja. On the past on May, 3rd court session the petition of one of accused - the former general public prosecutor of Azerbaijan Ihtijara Shirinova has been rejected. He asked to make answerable as the main organizers gjandzhskogo revolution Sureta Gusejnova, the present general public prosecutor of Azerbaijan Ali Omarova and the former commander 709 - j an army brigade, associate Gusejnova, Eldara Aliev. Passing on business in quality accused were the speaker of Azerbaijan parliament Isa Gambarov and Minister of Defence Dadash Rzaev have regarded a judgement about a deviation of the petition of Ihtijara Shirinova as biassed and have accused judges in unilateral conducting process . At the last session lawyer Shirinova Adil Ismajlov has declared that an investigation of the case does not carry the finished character as it does not give a legal estimation to murder putchistami twelve true Abulfazu Elchibeju of military men. The lawyer asserted that some of soldiers during collisions in Gandzha have been wounded, and then in hospital are finished by supporters of Gusejnova. Dadash Rzaev has denied the message of the special commission created for investigation of Gjandzhsky events, that as a result of armed conflicts in a city 70 persons were lost. According to the defendant, victims there were no more than twenty. Will return to a theme after adjudgment.

Smolninsky rajnarsud St.-Petersburg again has transferred the beginning of hearings under the joint venture claim Rimilen to Department of tax police of St.-Petersburg about return from the budget of money resources in the sum of $193911. The request of the representative of the respondent who has declared became the reason of carrying over of hearings that the Department needs an extra time for the conclusion of the contract with the lawyer. Watches development of the conflict to April, 1st. As it was informed earlier, in July, 1993 management of tax investigations of Department based on the results of testing has written off from the account of the joint venture of the $193911 which ostensibly were debts Rimilena to the state. At the desire of claimants employees auditorsko - consulting firm Inaudit have inspected activity of the joint venture and have come to a conclusion that the debts against the state budget at the enterprise are absent. However respondents do not recognise the competence Inaudita at the permission of the given problem. According to the representative of Department of tax police Michael Budnevicha, only three departments have the right to delivery of the conclusions about presence or absence of debts, namely: the Central Bank of Russia, Department of tax police of Russia and Central ekspertno - the currency commission at the government. Will return to a theme after adjudication.