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Ukraine joins the NATO program

Border between Russia and the NATO has come nearer to Bryansk

Hardly founding fathers of the CIS in Belovezhsky more could assume such turn of events. But impossible then now became a reality: yesterday Ukraine has signed the agreement from the NATO about participation in the program Partnership for the sake of the world . Thus, the sphere of influence of the North Atlantic block has extended to borders of Brjanshchiny.

Positions of Kiev and Moscow concerning joining to the program Partnership have been formulated practically simultaneously: Ukraine has accepted the NATO invitation, and Russia has decided not to hasten. Thus Ukraine enters in Partnership without having left the Russian nuclear missiles. As it is known, one of these days the Ukrainian parliament ratified the agreement between Russia, the USA and Ukraine concerning nuclear disarmament of republic (see From February, 5th). However members of parliament have removed not all reservations under contract SNV approved by them - 1, and the tripartite agreement does not concretise neither the mechanism, nor terms of a conclusion of rockets from the Ukrainian territory. NATO partners of Ukraine has not confused also that Kiev delays joining to the Nonproliferation treaty of the nuclear weapon. Kiev obviously aspires to get West support on a case of possible pressure from Russia. However, to count that the NATO countries will concern Ukraine as to the potential full member of the block, hardly it is necessary: while about it there is no speech even concerning more developed Baltic States. It is not excluded that, having accepted Ukraine in partners, the NATO first of all expects to receive additional levers of influence on it.