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Butlegery on the Holy Week did stocks

For the last week turns on customs registration of inward cargoes have considerably grown. It is clear that the majority of importers aspired to pass customs before officially declared holidays to avoid the additional costs connected with it from idle times. But as in turns at customs importers podaktsiznyh the goods obviously prevailed, it is possible to speak about visible activization of this category of participants of foreign trade activities. However the steel reason not any hearings about the next change of level of rates of excises. Simply since May, 1st the system of obligatory entering declared still in January into special depositary accounts of customs of advance payments for imported podaktsiznye the goods starts to operate. Though indicators of average contract cost of import operations have reached last week level $71,5 thousand In the general structure of foreign trade the import share has considerably decreased (to 59 %). Relative decrease in a share of import deliveries speaks stable escalating of volumes of export of strategically important raw goods that has affected and by growth of average contract price of the export fixed at level $146,3 thousand

the Share of raw materials in total amount of export the last week has increased in comparison with previous on 8 % and has reached 36 %. Thus the increase in volumes of export of raw materials occurred at the expense of deliveries - energy carriers first of all - in industrially developed countries of the West and the state Asian - Pacific region. As to raw materials export in the former union republics here the tendency to freezing of deliveries in view of huge debts of these states of Russia for already sent there oil obviously was outlined, oil products and gas and their inability in the near future to pay off with the Russian suppliers. Consumers from the developed industrial countries pay for delivered production regularly and provide with that the stable channel of receipt of hard currency.
according to the customs statistics, last week to Germany (deliveries of oil and oil products especially have increased by 4 %), to France and Spain (on 1,5 %), and also to Poland (on 2 %). As a whole the share of energy carriers has increased in total amount of raw deliveries for a week on 7 % and has made 66 %. Among the most considerable export raw contracts of the last week it is necessary to note deliveries of oil products to Germany (cost of contract $147,5 of thousand) and Spain ($136,3 thousand), forest products to France ($74,8 thousand), hire of ferrous metals to Turkey ($103,7 thousand), aluminium to Finland ($87,8 thousand) .
As to traditional consumers of Russian production of industrial production which there are former union republics, last week, despite a train of holidays, they were as are active, as before. A considerable part week norms the goods of firm delivered in the near abroad - suppliers have tried to issue and send in destinations prior to the beginning of holidays. As usual the nomenclature of these deliveries was various enough. It is necessary to notice that demand here exceeds the offer. It concerns first of all republics which especially sharply worry now inflationary processes and industrial production recession. For example, to the Ukrainian firms last week foodstuff ($65,3 thousand), electrohome appliances ($97,4 thousand), building materials ($54,5 thousand), medical preparations ($48,8 thousand), toys ($35,5 thousand) have been sent from Russia . To Belarus deliveries of synthetic dyes ($61,7 thousand), foodstuff ($57,8 thousand), cars ($98,3 thousand) are carried out . The most considerable deliveries of foodstuff on the eve of holidays were carried out in republics of Transcaucasia, first of all, to Armenia and Georgia.
absolutely other interest show to the export goods of the Russian manufacture of the state of Baltic. They are occupied only with those production which uses steady demand in the world market. Baltic businessmen aspire or to act in a role of intermediaries at the conclusion of the foreign trade transactions, or buy the goods from the Russian manufacturers at the low prices, and then with benefit for itself pereprodajut them on the West. Now the most profitable goods from this point of view are production of chemical manufacture, and also some not licensed kinds of raw materials, in particular, skins of a horned cattle and casein. Last week from deliveries such it is possible to note bought by firms of Lithuania of party of polyethylene of a high pressure in primary forms ($76,6 thousand), casein ($59,8 thousand) Firms of Latvia - parties of synthetic dyes ($69,8 thousand) and horned cattle skins ($91,4 thousand) . As a whole it is possible to tell that the geography and commodity structure of the Russian export remains enough traditional and stable, and in the near future there are no visible bases to expect serious structural changes.
import deliveries last week were carried out in a mode habitual for last several weeks. Among the goods which were in the lead in commodity structure of import, articles of food of rather wide nomenclature (see the table #1) have been noted. In structure of food deliveries deliveries various podaktsiznyh the goods, especially strong spirits, dry wines, cigarettes and beer were especially appreciable. It it is possible to explain desire of the Russian importers to deliver to customs territory of Russia till May, 1st the greatest possible quantity so popular and rather profitable on an internal Russian commodity market. Thus it is necessary to notice that further introduction of the mechanism of mortgaging payment of the fixed sums of import duties, excises and the VAT for depositary accounts of customs considerably will complicate business of those firms which specialise on deliveries of spirits, cigarettes, cars and others podaktsiznyh the goods. Complications first of all will be connected with necessity of withdrawal from a turn enough considerable financial assets which it will be necessary to pay into depositary accounts of customs. Besides, importers will inevitably face bureaucratic complexities at return of unduly paid sums, and probability of that the means brought as advance payment can appear overestimated in comparison with real payments at the moment of direct customs registration of the arrived cargo, is great. It is necessary to consider also that for today in legislative documents it is not provided any mechanism of indexation of the rouble financial assets actually frozen on the deposit of customs. Difficulties are inevitable and at re-export of the goods in the third countries as the Russian firms - reeksportery also will face necessity of a premise of money resources on depositary accounts of customs till the moment of crossing by the vehicle on which the goods, customs border of Russia are taken out. It is not necessary to forget that till now the mechanism of the operative message in places of the admission of the goods on frontier points about the fact of receipt from the client on the deposit of customs of advance payment in details is not worked.
in the end of the last month the Russian customs has entered the mechanism of use of pledge. However from - for absence both importers, and at serving customs bodies of practice of use of this form of calculations inevitably will have complexities with registration of mortgaging contracts. Besides, possibility recently given by customs to use guarantee certificates of banks instead of real payment of money resources will demand additional financial expenses from importers (percent for a delay to customs, bank fee for guarantee certificate granting). Having considered all listed and that circumstance that experience - the son of errors difficult it is possible to predict with confidence only increase of problems in the future (that else to wait from our legislation) - therefore hyperactivity of importers podaktsiznyh the goods, noted on the last week, it is quite clear.
it is quieter while the firms working in the market nepodaktsiznyh of articles of food feel. Degree of profitability of transactions with the foodstuffs it is, of course, considerable below operations with spirits or cigarettes, but these importers are in a greater degree insured from whims legislators also do not face special complexities at customs registration of the cargoes - till July, 1st anyway. Though the size of import duties with which these goods from the middle of summer will be assessed, all - taki is not too terrible. The exception here makes only necessity of special certification of the imported goods about their conformity to the norms established in Russia fito - sanitary and ecological safety.
the basic import deliveries of articles of food last week were carried out from Germany, Holland, France, the USA, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Israel, Finland, Greece and China. The analysis of customs statistics of import of the foodstuffs for the last allows to allocate some weeks accurately a tendency of increase in volumes of import of fruit juice, soft drinks and beer which rather quickly and are successfully realised in home market that is connected with the seasonal factor.
more and more appreciable in structure of food import there are deliveries of various chocolate products. It is said that among importers of these goods it have for fun christened sweet alcohol . Great volumes of import of chocolate products speak in the high speed of its realisation home market that is in turn caused stably by a great demand and availability of the price to the final buyer. The indirect certificate of high profitability of chocolate business is persuasive to aggressions chocolate advertising. As to geography of deliveries of chocolate products it is not so wide, as as a whole food deliveries. The basic volumes of deliveries of this production are carried out from the West European states and the USA (see the table #2).
the last weeks deliveries household video - and audio equipment, furniture, sanitary technicians, various finishing and building materials, clothes and footwear, and also perfumery products were considerable also.