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Privatisation in regions

the Moscow program can become apple of discord

Accepted by the government of Moscow the city program of privatisation has allowed the mayoralty to strengthen the positions in a management question the denationalised enterprises and control over their current activity. However, as has declared yesterday on a press - conferences the chief of the Moscow territorial administration of the State Committee of Russia on an antimonopoly policy and support of new economic structures Oleg Novikov, the Moscow program hardly will live before realisation as already at a following validation phase - in a municipal duma - it will be blocked from - for discrepancies to substantive provisions of the State program entered by the decree of the president.

Discussion about the privatisation methods, going between vitse - prime minister Anatoly Chubajsom, the ideologist of voucher privatisation, and the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov, the opponent State property distributions for nothing has found the reflexion in documents - the State program of privatisation and the Moscow program. Unlike the State program stimulating privatisation for checks, the Moscow document provides reduction of the enterprises, privatizeable for vouchers, and alienation of uninhabited premises during privatisation in the municipality property (their delivery in rent would become for administration of Moscow the lever of regulation of current activity of the enterprises).
However, in opinion g - on Novikova, the main divergence between privatisations on Chubays and on Luzhkov that the Moscow program transforms zajavitelnyj character of denationalisation in allowing . In practice it will mean that the final decision about privatisation, about participation of investors will depend completely not on rules of law, and from officials. Oleg Novikov also has informed that Moscow already reaps the fruits Former deviations from norms in privatisation, when, in particular, on the basis of the order of the mayor of Moscow from 29. 11. 91 has begun landslide privatisation of trading enterprises by their labour collectives - in infringement of item 8 of the Law About a competition and restriction of monopolistically activity in the commodity markets forbidding agreements of governing bodies limiting a competition. Therefore a dirt and rudeness in the privatised Moscow shops, Novikov, - a direct consequence " considers; Moscow denatsionalizatsionnyh experiments .
Experts of antimonopoly management consider also inadmissible tearing away of real estate during enterprise privatisation. In their opinion, possibility to own real estate in Moscow is the strongest stimulus for investors, and it would be unreasonable to refuse it in the conditions of crisis of investments. In particular, privatised in 1993 And located within the Garden ring of joint-stock company SHkom (manufacture of school furniture) which actions have caused boom at check auction, has managed for a year in 2,5 times to increase manufacture (at the general 30 - percentage recession). Thus almost half of actions of joint-stock company is accumulated by three firms. According to Oleg Novikova, similar examples should push away deputies of a municipal duma from luzhkovskoj privatisation programs as the payment of the industrial enterprises in a profitable part of the budget of Moscow makes 70 %.