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Check of foreign banks in Holland

Tax the inspector was visited by twenty three offices

the Problem of evasion of citizens from payment of taxes disturbs not only the Russian authorities, but also tax services of quite safe European countries. On Tuesday agency REUTER has informed that officials of the Dutch tax service during operation on revealing of the residents, not paying taxes, have paid visits to offices of 23 foreign banks.

As the representative of Amsterdam Office of Public Prosecutor g - n has noticed Andre Vimer (Andre Weimer), people are rather inventive and find ways of evasion from payment of taxes . One of such ways is remittance abroad from the accounts opened in the Dutch branches of foreign banks. Besides, quite often Dutches do contributions to foreign banks and do not bring neither these sums, nor the interest drawn on their in the tax declarations. This year the number of foreign banking establishments in the country has reached 80 (against 25 in 1975). The increase in number of foreign banks occurs basically at the expense of opening of branches by banks from the countries of the Near East and Jugo - East Asia; there was also a first branch of the Russian bank Capital . It is necessary to notice also that for today surtax on physical persons in Holland one of the highest to Europe - from 38,25 % to 60 %.
Officials do not name, which foreign banks have undergone to check. But earlier Dutch agency ANP has extended the message that victims spot-check there were Moroccan, Spanish, Turkish and former Yugoslavian banks. The representative of Office of Public Prosecutor has underlined that operation has been directed exclusively against the residents breaking national tax laws, concerning banks of any suspicions does not express. While there is no saying, how many infringers are revealed, has declared g - n Vimer, but it is possible to name all operation scale.