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Support of high technologies

the new fund of support of small enterprises

the Russian government Is created has created a trust fund for support of small enterprises in scientifically - technical sphere, the decision about it has arrived yesterday in official mailing. The fund is intended for financing of highly effective scientific projects. However practice of existence more than twenty similar funds in Russia shows that become already traditional way of rendering of financial support does not mean the decision of concrete problems.

Now in the developed countries from third to half scientifically - research also it is skilled - design works it is made by small and average private concerns. In small-scale business workings out in the newest high technology areas traditionally connected in Russia with public sector are carried out. Development of a similar network of the Russian small enterprises slow down an astable consumer demand on scientifically - technical workings out, weak financial possibilities and absence of indirect stimulus which could become tax privileges for customers and contractors. Now participation of small-scale business of Russia in sphere of high technologies is limited only by workings out of modern systems of safety.
the governmental order about creation Fund of assistance to development of small forms of the enterprises in scientifically - technical sphere became step to the decision of financial problems of participation of small-scale business in scientifically - technical workings out. According to the confirmed position, the fund is the state noncommercial structure giving financial support to highly effective scientific projects. Its formation should be made at the expense of allocation of 0,5 % of the budgetary appropriations allocated annually on financing of a science. However nearby 5 mlrd roubles a year - the sum for Russia obviously insufficient. In countries of Northern Europe, for example, which fiscal system is similar with Russian, financing of similar funds of support of research and development is made at the expense of % of deductions from the profit tax.
the small size of fund actually defines sphere of rendering by it of financial support: means will be allocated for not high technology projects with a small reinvestment cycle, except that, a part of money, most likely, will be directed on rent of the areas for creation on them original incubators innovative and inzhiniringovyh the centres. Though it is not excluded that at the first stage of existence of fund its management will solve basically organizational questions.
the Basis for such assumption is experience of Fund of support of business and development of a competition of the State committee on an antimonopoly policy together with which, by the way, the new fund should be engaged in support of small enterprises in the high technology sphere. At last session of the government subordination of Fund of support of business has caused interdepartmental polemic between heads of the Ministry of Economics and the State committee on an antimonopoly policy. By the way, these two departments together with the Ministry of a science and the technical policy, despite various approaches to a problem of small business, will define the concrete program of actions of new establishment.