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Competition in the European market.

the basic Russian airlines flying abroad

Aeroflot - the Russian international airlines the assignee of Aeroflot of the USSR, since April of this year - a national air carrier. In 1993 has transported 3,1 million passengers - on 20 % more than a year before (together with 30 Russian airlines using a flag of Aeroflot, - 4,6 million passengers that on 33 % above indicators of 1992). The profit - 234 mlrd rbl. and $170 million Remains a monopolist of the international lines of Russia. Needs replacement of 90 % of an out-of-date aircraft depot.
the Russian airlines Aeroflot affiliated company. Has four Airbus A310 - 300. Flies on the Trans-Siberian route in Jugo - East Asia, and also to Europe. Endures consequences of accident of liner A310 - 300 around Mezhdurechensk. Service of passengers leaves much to be desired.
transaero joint-stock company of the closed type, among founders - Aeroflot - the Russian international airlines the government of Moscow and the State Property Committee. Has three become outdated Boeing - 737 - 200, two Boeing - 757 and one Silt - 86. Besides internal flights flies in Tel - Aviv and Shardzha. This year decrease in a degree of service of passengers is noted.