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The burnout in the centre of Moscow

In the night from 3 for May, 4th in the house #31 in Petrovsky parkway has occurred a burnout. Fire has flashed on an attic of the three-storyed building which ground floor occupy shop Products Open Company On Trumpet exchange office of currency of bank Strojinvest and hour shop the Timer (the second and third floors are on major repairs). As ignition has been noticed not at once, fire has extended on the area 1000 2 and was threw on a building roof. According to management of the state fire service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow, on incident 10 fire-engine vehicles and some units of a special equipment (about 150 employees of fire protection) have been sent. Fire extinguishing proceeded more than three hours. Have burnt down the third floor of a building and an attic, and the organisations located on the ground floor have suffered not from fire, and from water with which firemen filled in a flame. According to preliminary data, the fire has occurred from - that vagabonds who have autocratically lodged in a repaired building carelessly addressed with fire. Last year for the same reason the building burnt twice.