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The USA about the international espionage

Bill Clinton has decided to reconcile CIA and FBI

History with arrest of an espionage couple Ejmsov, years working on Soviet, and then and the Russian special services, became for the USA a good lesson. The suit which has become aggravated about it between CIA and FBI, putting to fault for a puncture against each other, Bill Clinton has decided to stop. According to its yesterday`s order, at the US president the special counterintelligence service - National Counterintelligence Policy Board is created - by which operative preparation of the information directly for the president is made a duty, passing even its advisers for national safety.

On Capitol Hill do not doubt that Clinton new initiative is doomed to success. To special services cannot forgive the shameful failure with Ejmsami, caused a considerable damage of national safety of the USA (on conscience of Ejmsa not less than 12 Russian Moscow Russian and East Europe agents of the USA), razdutogo the press of a damage to the American treasury. Spies, as it is known, prospered, and not only on the fees received from Moscow, but also on a generous salary of CIA - $69 843 in a year. Besides, special service creation at the president is perceived in the congress as a decisive step to reconciliation of two competing (obviously it is not good for business) structures - FBI and CIA. And it, under the remark of the head of senatorial committee Dennisa de Konchini, it is not possible to make years 10. And from - that reconciliation is not fixed by the law. Now, on Clinton idea, head of new presidential counterspionage will change each two years - tsereushnika its colleague from federal bureau will replace, and that is the representative of the Pentagon.
But also business is not limited to this cunning. The president has decided to introduce agents of FBI in CIA, and on the contrary. That is the senior officials of federal bureau should be erected in a rank of counterprospecting group of CIA, and scouts from the central management will join structure of division of national safety of FBI. Clinton thus also was guided by quite sensible reasoning. Both services are interested in capture of spies: one - for preservation of the prospecting network abroad, another - for gathering of the criminal and other information in the country. Let also co-operate.
It is expected, as the director of CIA James Vulsi, and the head of FBI Lewis Fri will support the initiative of the president. For very much are afraid that otherwise the congress can accept and much more rigid acts concerning invisible front supervised by them.