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India and the nonproliferation treaty

Asia applies for membership in nuclear club

Conditions in Asia causes special anxiety last days. The conflict has approached to a critical point on the Korean peninsula - armies of both Korej are resulted in alertness. China, despite of the moratorium, intends to conduct nuclear tests in the end of May. And yesterday the prime minister of India Narasimha Rao has declared that its government has not signed and will not sign the Nonproliferation treaty of the nuclear weapon - under no circumstances .

Islamabad - Delhi: in the contract either together, or never
Yesterday`s session of parliament in Delhi has ended with scandal - deputies from opposition have left a hall. The reason of it began to raise unwillingness of the prime minister the cover of mystery shrouding, according to the deputies, visit coming in the end of May Rao to Washington. The opposition incriminates to the government that it under the pressure of the USA has changed the position in a question on country non-alignment to the nonproliferation treaty. An occasion to such statements of a steel of the message in a press about confidential negotiations between the high-ranking Indian officials and official Washington. Thus the Indian party had been ostensibly expressed opinion that joining basically it is possible . Rao has characterised this meeting as usual conversation and has declared that its party opposes joinings to the contract, discriminating the countries which had not time to be reserved by a nuclear bomb .
the Hard line of Delhi in a question of nuclear disarmament in many respects speaks the long-term is religious - ethnic enmity between India and Pakistan which also possesses the technologies, allowing to make a nuclear bomb. According to recently declassified reports of CIA, in 1986 and 1990 between these countries nuclear war (its probability was even above, than during the Caribbean crisis) has not flashed nearly. And in the end of April the German newspaper DIE WELT has published the statement of retired Pakistan general Mirzy Aslam of Run. He asserted that Pakistan has nuclear potential since 1987 and has means for its application. According to the general, it is necessary to develop only the new rocket with highly effective system of prompting and management .
During recent negotiations in Bonn the prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto has evaded from discussion of a theme of nuclear disarmament and has underlined that the USA have no right to co-ordinate curling of the nuclear program by Pakistan with delivery of 30 planes F - 16, as it - purely commercial transaction . And recent negotiations of the assistant to US State Secretary Strouba Talbott in Islamabad and Delhi also have not brought notable results: Pakistan refuses to discuss a nuclear theme while India will not sign together with it the Nonproliferation treaty of the nuclear weapon.

on two Koreas already there are two bombs
Restlessly and in Asian - Pacific region. Under recently published data American Natural Resources Defence Council, China has 450 units of nuclear arms amazing capacity in 400 megatons: these are 300 rockets of land basing, nuclear bombers and submarines and about 150 units of the tactical nuclear weapon. And in the end of April from the message of the private Center of verification of the technological information (VERTIC) it began known about intention of Beijing to conduct in the end of May nuclear tests. Russia, the USA, Great Britain and France have already warned China that in case of infringement of the moratorium on nuclear tests of their politician in relation to the Peoples Republic of China can be reconsidered. The USA also have declared coordination of nuclear tests with granting to China of the status of most favoured treatment in trade. Beijing reacts rather evasively: China supposedly spends it is much less than tests per capita, than in other nuclear powers that, by the way, it is no wonder if to consider an aggregate number of the population of China.
the situation on the Korean peninsula more and more becomes aggravated in the meantime. South Korea is afraid that Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has already approached to creation of a nuclear bomb, and the USA assert that Pyongyang already has it - and in duplicate (from reactor Junbyon plutonium which inspection it has been refused by IAEA). On April, 30th South Korean and American military units have been resulted in full alertness - detection of 20 North Korean planes going to Seoul became the reason of it. And the day before the Korean national army made active actions around a safety zone in Phanmunchzhone. The representative of command of United Nations armies has informed that Pyongyang throughout several hours had in a demarcation zone much more military formations, than it is authorised the agreement on state border.
in all this situation interesting that is represented also to Russia having with dangerous in the nuclear relation the countries not only close economic, but also military - technical communications, it is fated to solve at once two problems: to act in a role of the peacemaker at world community level, and also to achieve that the mastered Asian arms market for Moscow has not been lost.