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The main lawyer of Mosbusinessbank

Mosbusinessbank is killed is one of the greatest and solid commercial banks of Russia. According to agency the Rating the bank occupies 4 - e a place in the country on the sum of actives (nearby 2 trln rbl. for January, 1st, 1994). The profit in 1993 has made 177,6 mlrd rbl. (in 10,9 times more than for 1992) or 1,77 roubles on rouble of own capital (in 2 times more than in 1992). Agency the Rating the bank is carried to the higher group of reliability (3).
Has a network from 40 branches, two operational managements, affiliated bank in Riga and 68 changes, the insurance, leasing and auditor companies. Participates the capital in 43 joint-stock companies, including 4 banks and 4 stock exchanges.
the bank is created on the basis of the Moscow city office Zhilsotsbanka of the USSR. Considerable share in bank actives credit operations in roubles (traditionally occupy increase in 4,4 times for 1993, a total sum - 368 mlrd rbl.) . The delayed debts for January, 1st, 1994 have made 9 mlrd rbl. or about 3,58 % from the general loan debts that not so it is a lot of. The tendency to increase in the delayed debts, truth, is available - on the beginning of 1993 the delayed loans made about 1,37 % of all credit investments. However position in some regional managements (Omsk, Buryat, Perm, Tomsk) is much worse - especially in Tomsk, where relative density of the delayed credits of 16,31 % (it is a lot of).
bank currency transactions very dynamically develop. The credit portfolio in inovaljute has grown for 1993 in 6 times and has made $60 million Bank has korotnoshenija with 200 foreign banks, is member VISA, but card business develops inertly enough. Member SWIFT. Mosbusinessbank guarantees are accepted abroad.
an aggregate number of employees of bank - 3260 persons.