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Victor Kress about private security activity

For Tomsk detectives have thought up penalties

Yesterday the head of administration of the Tomsk region Victor Kress has signed the decision about administrative liability of infringement of the law of Russia About private detective and security activity .

According to this decision, creation of the private security organisations without licence reception in law-enforcement bodies attracts penalty imposing on the founder of the enterprise at the rate from 50 to 80 - the multiple minimum wage rate. Creation of not registered security services (SB) attracts penalty imposing on their founders from 30 to 60 minimum salaries. The unaccordance the private security enterprises and SB in bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the data necessary for control of observance by them of legal certificates, regulating private security activity, attracts imposing of the penalty from 20 to 30 minimum salaries. For use by private security guards spetssredstv self-defence and the gas weapon without the permission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs the penalty from 30 to 50 minimum salaries is imposed.
control over execution of this decision is assigned to the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Tomsk region Alexander Vladimirova.
Independent experts in the field of private security activity notice that similar measures hardly will possible to achieve any result if to consider that one business hour of Makarova of the security guard armed with a pistol manages in the sum to 3 - 4 minimum salaries.