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Ruslan Hasbulatov on caucasus

the Person with a gun

Contrary to optimistical forecasts vitse - prime minister Sergey Shahraja, Russian - the Chechen negotiations in the first days of May and have not begun. But at this time other Russian politician obviously did not stay idle: scope of the celebrations which have come to the end late at night on Tuesday in one of the Chechen villages where there has passed a meeting of Ruslana Hasbulatova with fellow countrymen, testifies not only to growing popularity eks - the speaker in the homeland, but also that its returning in a policy - at least in the Chechen Republic - is possible, business of the near future.

In spite of the fact that the Chechen president Dzhohar Dudaev has once again replaced recently anger to Russia with favour, having expressed desire to sign the contract on the consent, this noble impulse was not accompanied by any friendly steps - if, of course, not to consider as that arrest in the Chechen Republic the Russian spy (See from May, 4th). Moscow also prefers not to force event, hoping, on - visible, that May heat will melt severe heart of the Chechen general and will force it to make concessions.
however, in the Kremlin are for certain concerned also by growth of popularity of other Chechen, Ruslana Hasbulatova that can lead to rather unpleasant consequences both for Moscow, and for severe general Dudaev. That this popularity is really very high also in places can already argue with dudaevskoj, celebrations in village Alhan - Kala testify also. Assignment of one of streets of a name of Imrana Hasbulatova, the former chairman of local collective farm and the father eks - the speaker, became only an occasion to a new meeting of the people with Hasbulatovym - younger. On an attestation of eyewitnesses to greet the notable fellow countryman thousand inhabitants of neighbouring villages among which there were representatives of the spiritual and secular power have gathered. Touched eks - the speaker has declared that its simple people Always and everywhere accepted and understood . Then simple people - it is visible, in a sign still bolshego understanding - have presented it pjatizarjadnoe a gun and papahu. If after one of following meetings with the people to this set of the Dzhigit the horse is added, in a new campaign in power Ruslan Hasbulatov will be for certain simply invincible.