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Attempt of theft of jewels

Bear-hunters citizens of Georgia Merab Magavariani have cracked a jewelry store floor

In a past week-end in Moscow and Kaha Kekelidze have tried to get into a jewelry store premise Alexandrite (Federal journey, 12). Having got into a building cellar, they have punched a shop floor, however in a trading premise have been detained by group of immediate reaction OVD of municipal district Perovo . Yesterday employees of the Department of Internal Affairs of East district have informed the correspondent of a detail of an event.

According to police officers, on May, 1st Magavariani and Kekelidze have got into a house cellar in which the jewelry store is located. With themselves they have brought lighting devices with accumulators, drills, a set of drills, lomy, nozhovki and 10 shopping bags (presumably to combine in them the stolen values). Criminals worked in gloves and masks. For an evening and night with 1 for May, 2nd they managed to punch concrete overlapping in a floor of shop and nearby 07. 00 to get into a trading floor. Then by means of drills and lomov criminals have managed to break the metal door conducting in storehouse of values, however to steal jewels were not in time. In shop the security alarm system, and " in time has worked; bear-hunters have been detained by police officers. As it has appeared, burglars counted that the alarm system established in shop, works only in cases of penetration into a premise through doors and windows. Naturally, they could not know that shop Alexandrite it is equipped by the alarm system of new type which uses special radiation and reacts even to movings of people on a trading floor.
according to police officers, it not unique attempt for last month to steal jewelry from jewelry stores. On April, 19th in Moscow, in Mjasnitsky street the attack on shop " has been made; the Antiquary and on April, 21st in Krasnodar the armed robbers have plundered shop Pearls . In both cases criminals have been detained. Field investigators consider that attacks on jewelry stores are in advance doomed to failure as trading institutions of this kind are equipped by well-tried remedies of the alarm system and are under militia protection.