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SVR has denied the basic theses of the book about nuclear espionage

last week the Russian mass media have started to publish fragments from the book of memoirs of the expert of the Soviet espionage and diversions 30 - 50 - h Pavel Sudoplatova. One of its basic sections is devoted participation of investigation in creation of the Soviet nuclear weapon and contains sensational statements about participation in leak of the western nuclear secrets in the USSR leading world scientists of that time - Enriko Fermi, Leo Stsillarda and Robert Oppengejmera. Yesterday the correspondent has asked to comment on these data a press - the secretary of the director of Service of external investigation of Russia Tatyana Samolis.

G - zha Self-foxes has informed the correspondent that management SVR has already developed the position about it. It considers that some moments of the book of Sudoplatova represent compilation of authentic events, the half-truth and frank fiction. SVR on - former holds the opinion that solving contribution to creation of the nuclear weapon to the USSR was brought by the Soviet scientists, and investigation work though was important and qualified, played only an auxiliary role.
a press - the secretary of director SVR did not deny that since September, 1941 the Soviet investigation really received authentic data on works on atomic weapons creation in the USA and England that promoted the decision of some technical problems and has accelerated process of working out of atomic weapons. But the events connected with its activity in this direction, and a role of their many participants in Pavel Sudoplatova`s memoirs are treated is free, and it is frequently wrong.
In spite of the fact that special services usually avoid to tell something defined about methods of the work and information sources, this time g - zha Self-foxes has categorically denied statements containing in the book about reception by the Soviet investigation of data on a nuclear problem directly from such known scientists, as Fermi, Stsillard and Oppengejmer.