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the Auctions of environment at stock exchange of New York passed to the accompaniment of attempts of the central banks of the leading countries of the world to help American dollar to rise after furious attack currency bears dropped it the day before. However, if also it was possible to raise to bankers a little by the end of day a dollar exchange rate stockbrokers of the USA and could not recover this day from shock. Without attention there was also a publication Federal reserve bank of the report on a national economy condition by April, 25th of current year. According to the published data, conditions for business development remain attractive almost in all states of the country. Thereupon experts have noted possibility of new growth of an index of Dow - Johns within the next few days. They have proved the opinion that in the market the tendency to react to the factors having more likely psychological, rather than economic value is looked through. By the time of the termination of the auctions on NYSE Dow`s index - Johns was on a mark in 3697,75 points with day fall on 16,66 points. Most actively there was a dump of actions of oil company Chevron (they have fallen in price on $1,25 to $86,75).

the Organized currency intervention in Europe thanks to which on Wednesday there was an US dollar exchange rate increase, has rendered the beneficial effect on a course of exchange trade in Bruxelles. It spoke that among the European stockbrokers players of the Bruxelles stock exchange usually most sensitively react to the slightest changes in the currency market. An index blue counters Bel - 20 has grown for a day on 0,77 points to 1540,17, having almost made even to record-breaking high mark in 1542,65.

Fall of index DAX - 30 at the Frankfurt stock exchange has proceeded on Wednesday and after the official termination of the auctions. According to the data of electronic system IBIS, by the end poslebirzhevoj trade index DAX - 30 has fallen to 2245,40, with fall to 3,62 points in comparison with official level of closing. According to local experts, falling of quotations in Germany should proceed in the nearest some days under the influence of negative messages from the USA, and also anxiety of investors concerning possible increase of interest rates of Bundesbanka.

the Stock market of Austria became on Wednesday a victim of the anonymous seller, which alone has dropped an index blue counters ATX - 19 on 7,58 points to 1100,5. However, according to local experts, in the nearest future to to a bear - the single with pleasure others will join also, having made falling of quotations at a stock exchange business almost traditional.

the Index of Stock exchange of Oslo has fallen on Wednesday to 2,55 points to 627,96 under the influence of active dump of actions of the largest Norwegian pharmaceutical corporation Hafslund Nycomed. Hafslund - hardly probable not the unique manufacturer of medicines in Europe which actions fall, despite a common regional tendency to speculation for the rise by securities of this sector of economy. On Wednesday of action Hafslund Nycomed have fallen in price on 6,5 Norwegian crones to 113.

For the first time for the last some days of action johannesburgskih brokers have been caused not political, but business factors. Dollar exchange rate falling has caused on Wednesday almost agiotage dump of actions of the local companies which are included, except other, and in listing of Nju - jorkskoj stock exchange. The general index of Johannesburgsky stock exchange has fallen on Wednesday to 36 points to 5254, an index of industrial actions - on 8 points to 6375 and a gold index - on 76 points to 1925.

the Chinese investors have begun new speculation for the rise, having left behind more careful foreigners. The index of actions of group And at the Shanghai stock exchange has grown for a day on 14,45 points to 636,40, and company Chendu People ` s Department Store which actions have risen in price for 0,57 yuans to 6,42 yuans became the leader of increase. The index of actions of group B with which foreign investors play, has risen for a day on 1 point to 63,70, and in this share market securities Rubber and Tyre, risen in price on 3 American cents to 60 cents have appeared leaders.