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Consequence/ sentences

the Chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of Ekaterinburg the colonel of justice Nikolay Savchenko has spent yesterday a press - the conference devoted to mass riots in a city on May, 8th. That day about seventy young men of an athletic constitution who had at metal rods and bludgeons, have beaten in the Central market of inhabitants of the Transcaucasian and Central Asian republics trading there. Then visitors dealers in other markets have been beaten. In reply to it Caucasians have attacked local dealers and their security guards and have beaten them not less cruelly. Dismantlings round the markets proceeded the whole day long. In city hospitals it has been delivered more than 50 victims. Upon an event the Lenin regional Office of Public Prosecutor of Ekaterinburg has filed criminal charges.
Nikolay Savchenko considers that it was the planned action directed on findings-out of relations between groupings, supervising city shops. Under its data, it has begun still on May, 7th with defeat of trading booths in Pioneer settlement and murders of head of the Armenian family which owned a repair truck in the street Bebelja. Actually, by words g - on Savchenkos who have suffered that day was much more, but not all have addressed for the help. However then the militia has not connected together isolated offences, therefore dismantlings have proceeded and on May, 8th. Under the operative data, dismantlings should last till May, 10th, but already on May, 8th they managed to be stopped. The chief of the Department of Internal Affairs considers as an echo of dismantlings attempt of murder of two brothers (Armenians) living in a city. Armenians as the colonel has informed, did not begin to answer this provocation in their address.
for incident investigation has been created operatively - the investigatory brigade consisting, by words g - on Savchenko, from the most skilled employees of the Department of Internal Affairs. By them it has been detained 14 suspected of crimes, perfect 7 - on May, 8th. 25 witnesses are involved in investigatory actions. G - n Savchenko is assured that all arrested persons will manage to be made answerable. But the conflict between criminal groupings as the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs considers, definitively is not settled yet.

yesterday the senior assistant to the general public prosecutor of Russia Alexander Zvyagintsev has denied appeared in mass media the information on new personnel shifts in the State Office of Public Prosecutor. Under the version of some newspapers, in the near future the chief of Central administrative board on supervision of law execution in armed forces (the Main military public prosecutor) Valentine Panichev will leave the post in connection with transition to other post or through illness and its place will occupy any general . By words g - on Zvyagintsev, nobody is going to change Panicheva on the anonymous general . Moreover, one week ago, as already wrote, it has been hung up by the decree of the president in a post: It is appointed by the assistant to the public prosecutor of Russia, remaining thus the Main military public prosecutor of the country.