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The auctions in the off-exchange currency market

the dollar Market rate has overtaken off-exchange

In the off-exchange currency market of Moscow non-cash transactions on converting of means past week were made at courses which were below current exchange quotations on 1 - 3 roubles. At this time the course of similar transactions in St.-Petersburg was considerably above and exceeded official quotations on the average on 5 - 10 roubles.

In the Moscow Interbank financial house the total amount of transactions for the past week has made $1,1 million that is considerable below results of the last week and testifies to reduction in demand for carrying out of operations on converting of non-cash resources. Stable increase of exchange quotations does uninteresting for bankers of gamble with non-cash means and as a result affects decrease in volumes of transactions not only on exchange, but also in the off-exchange currency market, and also influences an overflow of means in more profitable spheres of the financial and share markets. The course of transactions in the Moscow market past week was below current quotations on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange on the average on 1 - 3 roubles for dollar.
in sankt - the Petersburg Interbank information service the volume of the transactions fixed on the past week remained at former level and has made $0,683 million Non-cash currency in Petersburg cost on the average on 5 - 10 roubles more expensively, than in the Moscow banks. At the same time operations on purchase of cash dollars for non-cash roubles invariably use a great demand. A difference between a course of transactions under this scheme in Kognito And current exchange remained past week at level 2 - 2,5 %, and the total amount of the placed means has made for expired week $5,26 million