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The astrological forecast

Thursday, on May, 26th


Day is very successful for business. Will carry also that who simply likes to travel - they will have many impressions if they where - nibud go.
day as though is created for increase in your well-being, especially if you were born under signs on a Taurus, Scales, the Sagittarius or Fishes.
all financial operations should pass without delays. Therefore do not miss the moment - will solve all monetary problems as soon as possible.
good time to take shares of that enterprise on which you work. It is possible to get as much as possible securities - a little more time, and it will make for you profit (first of all it concerns the Fishes who have born under signs and Scales).
Business relations will develop today as well as possible, during negotiations you and your partners will manage to find the optimum decision of problems.
it is possible to visit today the chief. Be not afraid to demand promotion and salary increase. Most likely, your requests will be executed. By the way, today you can receive any award (a medal or, say, the award), and not only from the chief.
now you will have a possibility to adjust the relations with the state in the name of tax inspection. It seems, you will not offend. Today it is good to solve and legal issues.
now there can be all preconditions that in the future you could occupy a foreground in a society. Therefore go on appointment to the mighty of this world or simply more often appear on public. By the way, for advertising this day approaches simply ideally.
in private life you will manage to reach full harmony with the relatives. Even it is possible to find out relations, the main thing - not to be overzealous, because danger of quarrels (though also small) all - taki exists - first of all it concerns Aquarius.
as you can see, day today simply remarkable. That it not to spoil, adequately estimate the possibilities and much on itself do not take. Also do not waste time on insignificant talks with which you all time will distract (today as talkers Sagittariuses and Scorpions) will act.