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The parliament has renewed... (Heritage fund)

One more program of reforms is prepared in Washington

With the beginning of work of Federal meeting have strengthened the conceptual activity the western political scientists and economists. Yesterday at a briefing for the press has been announced the Program of reforms for new Russian parliament prepared by experts of fund the Heritage .

the Program consists of two parts - politiko - legal and economic. Its authors give to the Russian members of parliament three possibilities to affect a course of economic reforms: to continue a former course that has no prospect to stop reforms and, at last, to force their carrying out. The western experts consider last variant as the most desirable in a present situation and consequently all program is based on principles of realisation of this prospect.
the Central role is taken away to encouragement of enterprise activity, and radical reduction (to 25 %) the cumulative taxation thereupon is necessary. In Russia authors connect stability and reliability of monetary circulation with creation of the independent Central Bank. However the specificity of Russia which is not allowing quickly to realise this purpose, has forced authors of the program to offer an alternative way - to found independent (from inflationary pressure the governments) currency committee which will let out banknotes and the coins supported by dollar. This money will change for dollars on a fixed rate, and their quantity - to vary depending on demand. As a result reception reliable and converted on the world market of the Russian currency is possible.