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Results of negotiations on Crimea

... Also have dispersed, as in the sea the ships

Yesterday along toward evening it became known, as. An island of premieres - the minister of Ukraine Efim Zvjagilsky has received new instructions from Leonid Kravchuka and is ready to transfer its message with offers on section of the Black Sea fleet to prime minister Victor Tchernomyrdin. It is possible to consider this action hardly probable not as unique result almost three-day Russian - the Ukrainian negotiations in Moscow. And earlier, approximately in 15. 00, Victor Tchernomyrdin the negotiating table has left, having suggested to work as experts of each of the parties separately. The reason - discrepancy of opinions on a number of questions of principle, in particular about basing of the ships in Sevastopol.

Intergovernmental negotiations obviously were at a deadlock. The head of the Ukrainian delegation at negotiations Efim Zvjagilsky has declared: We are ready to carry on negotiations so much, how many it is necessary . Ukrainian how many it is necessary will last, probably, till June, 26th - not transferred presidential election is appointed to this day in republic for the present. And not settled Black Sea repartition - a joker on hands at Leonid Kravchuka playing at once on two tables: or carrying over of elections - and it still the president, or elections at the best for it a deal - and it again the president.
in prolonged discussion about CHF disputes causes at all an accessory of the military ships to the Russian or Ukrainian parts of fleet, and coastal strengthenings, artillery, sea aircraft, warehouses, bases and even apartments of military men in Sevastopol. Differently, peregovorshchiki have concentrated not on political aspects of a situation round Crimea, threatening to blow up there a situation, and on economic - material problems. A situation almost surrealistic, casting associations with section of trophies after victorious war.
we Will remind that signed by presidents of Russia and Ukraine on April, 15th this year the agreement on stage-by-stage section CHF had the general character. In it it was told about a withdrawal 10 - 15 % of the fighting and auxiliary ships Ukraine, separate basing of national fleet, and a condition and section procedure it was planned to concretise . Disagreements what to carry to to a fleet infrastructure (some misunderstanding at peregovorshchikov causes even this term), by words vitse - an admiral of Joint Staff VS of Russia of Vladimir Krjazheva, already became the reason of a failure of April negotiations.
however, has put at all in technical details. Against colourless Russian - the Ukrainian negotiations Pavel Grachev`s statement from Bruxelles contrastly looks, putting points over i even in those words which peregovorshchiki - peacemakers to say avoid. The pragmatic minister as - that casually having dropped that CHF It is capable to reflect any provocation has noted: the Ukrainian military men rattle the sabre under instructions of corresponding Kiev heads . That is why and expected during all yesterday (and postponed now till the best times) the joint document on fleet section is doomed to be a palliative. For at negotiations both parties carefully bypass (or pretend that bypass) a main point - about the status of Crimea.