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! Plenary session of the State Duma

the Constitution will check up on constitutionality

to the Questions which have been taken out on yesterday`s session of the Duma, fatally did not carry. Almost any voting did not become solving: discussion of the majority of projects is transferred on following sessions. The only thing that it was possible to make to deputies, is to charge to chamber credentials committee to present the entire account about sources of the money resources received by parties on carrying out pre-election campaigns, and about quantity of the voices submitted on December, 12th for the constitution. And in the end of session the Duma has accepted the reference to deputies VS of Ukraine and Crimea (about a situation in Crimea p. 4 see).

the Problem of mass media on - former painfully excites deputies. Yesterday it was mentioned not once. Zhirinovsky still has not forgiven insult to Nikolay Svanidze and the Russian television as a whole and has refused to be registered (however a hall has not left and even voted stealthily). The decision about creation parliamentary teleradiosluzhby again has not passed (p. 2) see, but the chamber credentials committee has received the task to check up reliability of messages of some mass-media that some parties which have passed in the Duma, used in election campaign of means from - for a boundary. Besides, the commissions are entrusted for finding out, messages of the press and television that for constitution acceptance the majority necessary for it has not voted how much represent the facts. The Duma also has decided to create the commission on renewal of investigation of disappearance and murder in the former Yugoslavia journalists Victor Nogina and Victor Kurennogo.
Despite some doubts in constitutionality of the Organic law while deputies consider its operating and want to bring the contribution to formation of the Constitutional court. However attempt though to recommend somebody to the president on behalf of the Duma has not crowned success - from six applicants (Victor Veshnjakov, Nikolay Gen, Victor Milovanov, Oleg Mironov, Sergey Zapolsky, Vladimir Kabyshev) any has not typed more than 50 % of voices (the greatest quantity of voices - 43,1 % - were received by the representative of Communist Party Oleg Mironov). Despite the failure, responsible for representation of candidates the chairman of Committee of the Duma under the legislation Vladimir Isakov not too was upset. As he said, behind fractions there is a right to offer the president the same nominees from an own name.
the statement across Crimea, as well as was supposed, it is accepted soft enough: deputies have reminded Ukrainians that Crimea Throughout two centuries served and, we are assured, will serve interests of two fraternal people - Ukraine and Russia also have called all and all to refuse from emotional actions.