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The telephone terrorist

the Pupil is detained did not want to write control

Yesterday in Moscow employees OVD of municipal district Hovrino have detained 14 - the summer Andrey Kazakova suspected of malicious hooliganism. As police officers have established, on May, 23rd he has called in service 02 also has informed that at school #597 the explosive is put. The militiamen who have arrived to school of a bomb have not found out.

As the senior operupolnomochennyj criminal investigation department OVD Sergey Klochkov has told to the correspondent, in May in militia the unknown person three times called and informed on the explosives ostensibly put at school. Every time in school police squads, fire crews and cars " left; first aid . Evacuation was spent, and premises were checked sluzhebno - search dogs. After one of calls employees of branch on preventive maintenance of offences of minors OVD had been spent operation which has come to the end with Andrey Kazakova`s suspected of telephone hooliganism detention.
According to field investigators, Andrey admitted that is the author of one of hooligan calls. He has called at the desire of a companion who was not prepared for the control. It is interesting that the father of the hooligan occupies one of supervising posts in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, and the father of its companion - the employee of Central administrative board on diplomatic corps service.