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The conflict in to the Russian newspaper

Employees of edition have appealed against against staff reduction

Yesterday in Savelovsky narsude Moscow manufacture under the claim of the former assistant to the editor " has begun; the Russian newspaper Marinas Cherednichenko to administration of the newspaper concerning its wrongful dismissal. This claim became one of results of the long conflict which has arisen in to the Russian newspaper between the editor-in-chief and a part of labour collective. The editor-in-chief of the newspaper Natalia Polezhaev without the coordination with employees of edition has changed the charter the Russian newspaper also has decided to dismiss since June, 1st 70 % of employees. Recently not consent with activity by Polezhaevoj journalists have sent the letter addressed to the first vitse - the premiere of the government of Russia Oleg Soskovets with the request to help them with the resolution of conflict.

Marina Cherednichenko has told to the correspondent of a detail of the conflict. Natalia Polezhaev has been appointed to the post and. An island of the editor-in-chief after October events of 1993 by Victor Tchernomyrdin`s decree when the Russian government became the founder of the newspaper. The new charter of the newspaper which was discussed at general meeting of employees of edition in December, 1993, assumed that the newspaper will receive the state enterprise status, and subsequently will be aktsionirovano. However, by words g - zhi Cherednichenko, from February, 28th, 1994 has been confirmed by the decision of the prime minister of Russia absolutely other charter with which the journalistic collective has familiarised only after its exit. On it edition has received the status of mass media with the right of the legal person. Such charter under the Law on mass-media should be accepted by not so labour collective of edition, but only journalistic collective the simple majority by voting. Nevertheless the charter was discussed by nobody, and has been directed on the statement to Victor Tchernomyrdin without the knowledge of journalists the Russian newspaper . Thus, according to authors of the letter, the founder has been misled, having signed the charter which has not been discussed in edition.
according to Marina Cherednichenko, Natalia Polezhaev has begun the activity with staff reduction. At first all editorial board has been abolished almost. Then - departments of a policy, agriculture, external economic and military. After June, 1st within staff there are only three departments: social policy, culture, the state and the right. Thus 70 % of workers of edition have received notices on reduction since June, 1st. Simultaneously with it 10 branches will be created. One of them - the Report - will trade in the exclusive official information. For maintenance of these structures the trade union founded by private persons led by the editor-in-chief on which state means will to be pumped over is created: insurance payments, deductions in a pension fund and on health services. According to authors of the letter, two third of workers of edition who are deduced for staff frameworks, will be deprived thus possibility to apply for the means arriving into the accounts of trade union.
the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Natalia Polezhaev has refused as - or to comment on this situation. And the general director of the newspaper Pavel Gurin has informed the correspondent that that charter which was discussed at collective meeting, has been changed subsequently by the decision from above, and no fault or participation of administration in it existed.
will return to this theme after a judgement.