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! Competition on building NPZ in Tomsk

Winners and won will work together

competition on building of Tomsk oil refining factory about which beginning wrote in February Has come to the end. Yesterday in Tomsk regional administration the winner has been officially declared. It is interesting that to realise this one of the largest in Russia the investment project to it, most likely, it is necessary together with other participants of competition.

As the vice-president of the competitive commission, the chairman of committee of regional administration on the industry Arcady Eskin has informed, application forms for participation have submitted joint-stock company Tomskneft state enterprise Tomsk petrochemical industrial complex (TNHK), Joint-Stock Company Tomsk petroleum kompani civil engineering firm Agate - 2 and GrozNiipiNeft . Two last organisations have not executed competition conditions, and their demands were not considered. From three remained the winner became Tomsk petroleum kompani presented the most worked package of documents under the program of building and having possibility of attraction of investors from the USA.

joint-stock company Tomsk petroleum kompani with an authorised capital stock of 10 million rbl. it is registered by committee on foreign investments at the Ministry of Finance in November, 1992. Founders - public investment fund of the Tomsk region the Phoenix (33 % of an authorised capital stock), the company Siberia of Ltd. (11 %), association Delta (11 %), co-operative society Parnassus (11 %) and the American firm - investor Multinational Corporation (34 %).

we Will remind that on conditions of competition the main task new NPZ is maintenance TNHK with raw materials - prjamogonnym gasoline in 1,036 million volume t in a year. Under the project Tomsk petroleum its capacity should make 6 million t oil in a year at depth of processing of 85 %. Will be made also aviation kerosene, diztoplivo and at intermediate stages when manufacture does not leave yet on design depth of processing, a black oil quantity. Besides, are provided settlement building on 10 - 12 thousand inhabitants, participation in thermal power station erection, large investments into development of agriculture of area. As a whole the project is estimated in $1,38 billion
According to the president Tomsk petroleum Michael Mendelbauma, the victory of its firm in competition does not mean that she will be engaged in the project independently: to me have let know that it is necessary to do such big work together with ` Tomskneft ` and TNHK . As local observers mark, this cooperation will not be cloudless. Already disagreements between " now were outlined; Tomskneft and Tomsk petroleum concerning the manufacture concept. Under the project Tomskneft the factory should process passing gas that is caused not only desire to attach raw materials burning down in torches, but also fear to leave without oil Achinsk NPZ which can pass to cheaper Tyumen oil. However gas raw materials which it is capable to deliver Tomskneft hardly will suffice for reception of demanded quantity of gasoline. By a variant Tomsk petroleum the new factory should process 6 million t oil, both Tomsk, and Tyumen. G - n Mendelbaum considers that the definitive project will represent a variant of connection of these concepts.