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Press - conference on the rights of consumers

to Buy the goods in Russia it became more safe

Yesterday in a conference - to a hall of the Russian centre of tests and certification Rostest - Moscow has passed a press - the conference devoted to a state of affairs in the Moscow market of certification. Its purpose - to sum up work on certification of the goods arriving in retail trade, and more full to inform the consumer on its rights.

According to the general director of the Russian centre of tests and certification Rostest - Moscow Boris Migacheva, for last year the situation in Moscow with certificates has started to improve gradually. Since July, 1st, 1993 obligatory certification of all goods of the Russian and import manufacture has been entered. At purchase of each goods in any point of trade (in firm shop, in commercial tent or it is simple from the car) the buyer has the right to demand the safety and quality certificate: all firms which are engaged in certification, give the uniform Russian certificate on certified production. The monitoring system behind the goods arriving to Russia from the CIS countries, is not adjusted yet: the law on certification of the goods of the CIS countries is planned to enter since July, 1st, 1994.
according to Boris Migacheva, the Russian centre of tests and certification Rostest - Moscow is one of the largest organisations on certification of the goods of the Russian manufacture and has the right to certification of the import goods through the Moscow regional customs. In 1993 Rostest - Moscow has certificated 90 % of the Russian articles of food presented to it and 70 % industrial. With the import goods business is slightly worse - for 1993 at the Moscow regional customs 246 refusals in certification of the food goods of import manufacture and about 20 refusals on not food goods have been received.
as to the prices for certificate reception, they much more low, than in countries of Western Europe and the USA. Certificate cost on one name of an article of food averages 80 - 90 thousand rbl., and on home appliances - 700 - 900 thousand rbl. In the USA, for example, the certificate on articles of food manages in $300 - 400, and in Switzerland the price of the certificate for radio electronics reaches to $15 thousand Therefore some foreign firms consider more favourable to receive the Russian certificate of quality. So, for example, Rostest - Moscow has concluded the contract on certification of some kinds of production of some foreign firms (Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Candi, Hitachi, Kodak, etc.) .