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Microsoft has entered the market interactive

For struggle against competitors Microsoft has created a tiger

One of most actively discussed today the western business circles, the governmental structures and the press of projects is the interactive television. It represents a set of essentially new services which become accessible to clients as a result of their association by means of information superhighways in a uniform world network. The arising market of computer systems of interactive television (its capacity is estimated in tens mlrd dollars) draws steadfast attention of leading computer firms. Has told the word and company Microsoft which has developed new software product under name Tiger ( the Tiger ) .

One of the first the integrated server platform intended for services video on demand firm Digital (in October, 1993) has presented . Its tests spent by telephone company US West, have convincingly shown possibility of such services, as display of films and video programs on demand, interactive games, purchases under catalogues, a call of educational programs and the information on the house. Now in interactive television the systems developed by companies IBM, Hewlett - Packard and Oracle are tested also.
And recently Microsoft together with firms Compaq and Intel declared that it is ready to deliver to the telephone companies and cable television studios intermediate server system at the price, several times smaller, than cost of competing interactive technologies. The confidence Microsoft bases that its system Tiger is capable to work on an inexpensive microcomputer while competitors have developed the intermediate servers on the basis of supercomputers or class computers mainframe.
the word was followed by business. Last week alliance Microsoft, Compaq and Intel has shown trial system on the basis of 16 processors Pentium which is capable to accept more than 3 thousand video signals simultaneously. Spectators could choose from 50 films and supervise video signal as though they used the house videorecorder.
competitors have reacted instantly and have christened approach Microsoft to the intermediate server a paper tiger .