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it is necessary for the Real man a little, but very much high quality

Having promised you last time to begin everyone shopping with good news, we have decided to hold the ground firmly and consequently in the first lines we inform: the mango has fallen in price. And at once twice - from 10 thousand for kg to 5. This fact, it is conclusive proving that between consumer demand and the prices a certain communication all - taki exists, is regarded by us as obvious success: the mango for 10 thousand in our market will not pass.
it is more than anything good does not happen, as however and bad. All the rest as always: the prices have again grown - on 4,2 %. Thanks to what a basket elite consumption has successfully passed for a two-million boundary. Add to 2 million 3 thousand roubles more and you receive exact figure of cost of life of the adult person a month.
strangely enough, this week the prices for meal remained practically at former level. The potato, for example, has not risen in price in one market. Incidentally and not too the cabbage, a beet, carrots rose in price. And cheese in the Dorogomilovsky market has appeared the risen most in price product (on 40 %) this time. That, however, has not prevented it to remain and the cheapest - 7 thousand rbl./ kg.
as to a good advice - whether to go to the former currency shops and if yes behind what, we inform: by the current moment for currency it is more favourable to buy pineapples, butter and fur coats, truth, from the category not the smartest. Though actually fur coats should be bought earlier.

we All it to that nesmotrja on any frosts anybody will not dissuade us that the winter will soon come to an end. And the end of winter, besides other positive moments, it also the beginning of a new season. Open your clothes and - ten against one - you simultaneously with us will sigh: there is nothing to put on feet (the list continue) literally. Perhaps, the middle of February - the right moment for clothes updating. And we will begin today with men. And not because the woman, as it is known, is always undressed - irrespective of a season that is why that to men is in this respect much more difficult. Things at them it is unconditional less (at least at the expense of absence kombidressov), but quality of this minimum a gentlemen`s set certainly, should be on the ball.
and here - that the main complexities begin. Well, suppose, you to yourselves buy a tie (about them we wrote not so long ago), and here all the rest is already more problematic. Certainly, it is pleasant to meet spring in a single-breasted tweed jacket of a coffee shade but where it to take? It is necessary to ascertain with bitterness that in our shops the spring yet has not begun. We do not argue, quite probably that it will occur in a week or two, but is all the same insulting: why we should be arranged under them, rather the reverse. Suddenly you urgently will need tomorrow to fly to Canary Islands? It is necessary to be content with that is.
and there is a following. In shop Arrow in GUMe (by the way, the most decent choice) there are knitted jackets from Daniel Hechter (France) on buttons. Colouring grey, white, beige also it is white - green. The price - $62. Waistcoats, which, as it is known, favourites of a season Here are on sale: red, white, beige and motley - $78. Red, green, beige and mustard jackets from Daniel Hechter stand from $186 to $264 - depending on structure. And at last, there are rather pleasant spring truncated jackets for $388.
If in the majority of shops the spring has not come yet in Galleries Lafayette such sensation that it has already ended - judging by the declared sale of things of obviously spring assortment. Most likely, these veshchichki have safely hung here all the winter long, and to get them off the hands it is possible only in charcoal fumes sales. So if you actually want to get an easy jacket in sine - a white cage for $49, can use chance.
in section Karstadt polo-necks from 100 - a percentage clap of white and grey colours for DM20,30 are on sale. And also something remembered under name Sweatshirt. A collar under a throat, a lightning of 20 sm, colours - violet, mustard, brown. The price - DM35,90.
the Only thing that is this time worthy mentions from assortment the Petrovsky Passage - jackets in shop Di Style. It is rather successful combination from a skin and jersey of green, black, violet, dark blue and mustard colours - $435. The similar model from suede and jersey costs more cheaply - $321.
In TSUMOVSKY Gerb. Winkler are available bajkovye shirts on a synthetic winterizer for $26, in it is black - yellow, it is red - dark blue, it is red - black, gorchichno - marsh, or it is red - it is black - a green cage. Unconditional advantage of these shirts - they warm and bright: In them on Canary Islands you it will be visible from apart.
And basically it is all. Actually to Canary Islands it is better to fly razutym and undressed to buy all necessary there. But at last we should be kept and give you one more good advice. Absence of the necessary assortment and the size not the unique trouble trapping you at a choice of purchase. If, leaving from TSUMa, you want to walk and come a little into the trading numbers which are the appendix or continuation TSUMa, be ready to different unpleasant surprises. You can not to find out, for example, your bag with the purchases, handed over in a left-luggage office. The administration as you understand, for loss of prophetic any responsibility does not bear. Senseless razmahivanie nomerkom too does not result in any results. It is necessary to reconcile and go to other shops only. That we insistently also recommend to you.