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In a Runet - already 50 million users

Experts Russian the Internet - a forum and Conferences the Internet and business have spent joint conference + 2011 to understand that from itself virtual Russia by 2011 represents.

It was found out that in our country at least time in the Network leaves month 50 million persons, almost half from them - 22 million users - use for this purpose mobile devices (phones, smart phones, communicators). That is level of penetration of the Internet in Russia about 45 percent. And it, by the way, the second indicator in Europe.

in three years the number of active users can Already increase to 80 million persons.   that is the indicator penetration of the Global network will increase to 71 percent. The nearest reserve of a Runet - audience aged is more senior 45 years and the people living in small cities. The World Wide Web gradually covers also these categories of people.

On the Internet it is possible to earn good money - according to the experts +, today a turn of the Russian network companies of 26,7 billion roubles in a year. For a year this indicator increases on 15 - 20 % that gives quite good chances for inclusion in this business of beginners - clients will suffice all.

On + 2011 interesting figures have been sounded:

2011 it is possible to look at All reports of participants + on a conference site.