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In Chelyabinsk draw a green card

Cheljabintsev outright frighten « obritye » a poplar and a willow. Gardeners especially worry:

— it is necessary to Cut only dry boughs.

But in « Gorzelenstroe » assert that it does not concern city landings. A megacity excited environment, with exhausts of cars, emissions prompredprijaty and shortage of the earth from - for roads, heating mains and other engineering communications, undermine immunity of trees. If to cut only the dry boughs, the warped trunk will not sustain and will break.

the Garden apple-tree will give birth to apples and in 40 years, on a wood oak by 50 years only - the first crop of acorns only grows ripe. And a city poplar to this age — decrepit razvalina with the destroyed wood. To rescue a tree it is necessary, cutting off boughs to the basis. Procedure by a deep rejuvenation is called.

Under a rejuvenation have got 50 thousand willows, poplars, lindens. On 500 trees « Gorzelenstroju » have voiced the remark: « After a saw cut of branches of a wound are not processed by an antiseptic tank, the plant louse then the tree will be lost » will be got zhuchok;.

Yesterday in the mayoralty presented a sketch of a green card of Chelyabinsk: where also that it is necessary to land. To finish it promise in the near future then we this document will publish. In the spring and autumn of this year in Chelyabinsk will appear 15 thousand trees and bushes. Trees will land on all city: in the centre, on Kopeisk of highway, on an outcome of street Christmas — « the Meridian » — Gagarin`s street. Will plant trees and shrubs in 40 city roads. Heroes of works — pyramidal a poplar, a willow, a birch, a pear, an apple-tree and hvojniki.

By the way, this week the avenue of poplars will appear on (forgive for a tautology) Poplar avenue. The inhabited file is named in honour of a grove rustling there some years ago. Now instead of a thick poplar promise to land a pyramidal colleague — It not pushit, grows strictly upwards, does not give fragile branches.

And At this time

the Daursky larch can be lost

These well-known plants rustle with branches on crossing of the prospectus of Lenin and street Red. The history of their birth is very romantic. In 1905 them have planted at the desire of the dying White Guard officer, the participant Russian - Japanese war. Simeon of larches it carried home as memory of places of fights. But has died from wounds in Chelyabinsk. From 30 trees that has been planted 106 years ago, five are live only. In the beginning of the XX-th century the garden of the provincial official where Far East beauties have lodged, reached the Scarlet field.

Five courageous and please today an eye with an openwork crone and freakish bends of branches. Alas, on one larch a wound not covered place of a saw cut gapes. Means, zhuchok and a plant louse can destroy a relic …