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Scooters and mopeds need to be put now on the account

Since April, 23rd the decision of Sovmina according to which scooters and mopeds with volume of the engine to 50 cubic sm need to be registered in GAI has come into force. Till August, 1st to make it it is possible, even if on the scooter there are on a broader scale no documents. The scooter should be factory manufacture: a homemade product to register it will not turn out. The vehicle will be examined by employees of GAI: they will check up, a leah is on it number of manufacturer and the factory tablet with the identification data. Inhabitants of rural areas are authorised to give a moped for survey in GAI in a residence, and then with documents to be converted in MREO for statement on the account.

However in practice all not so is smooth:

- On my scooter employees of GAI have not found the factory tablet and have first refused to register it, - the owner of the scooter Anton Motolko has told. - But later to me have suggested to bring listing from a site of the manufacturer where there will be data about engine volume. The question on statement will dare at the account in an individual order.

By the way to operate the scooter, the rights of category AM are necessary. That them to receive, it is not necessary to study in driving school. It is possible to be prepared independently, at once to come to GAI and to pass theoretical examination on the computer. It is not required to hand over practice. The rights to category AM since 16 years. If the owner of the scooter has the driver`s licence of any other category (including the certificate of the tractor operator) the right to management of a moped is appropriated automatically.

If the volume of the engine of the scooter exceeds 50 cubes the scooter gets under category 1 (a motorcycle with volume of the engine to 125 cubic sm). In this case except the theory it is necessary to hand over and practical examination: to drive « the eight » and on a wooden board on the minimum speed. After that it is necessary to stop and put a motorcycle on nejtralku.

is to make most difficult, - has told “ the motorcyclist Paul Hvalov. - At motorcycles for which pass the examination, the killed coupling and to find the necessary position of a pedal very difficult. And to hand over on the motorcycle too it is uneasy, after all an element “ the eight ” small enough, and not on each motorcycle it is possible to be entered in it.


Rules forbid transportation of passengers on mopeds on which the manufacturer has provided only a place for the driver. If the place for the second person is, the age of the passenger should be not less than 12 years. Also the driver and the passenger should use crash helmets. It is desirable to put on a bright waistcoat with svetovozvrashchajushchimi inserts.