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Water in Vyatka has risen more than on three metres

Experts GU « the Kirov regional centre on hydrometeorology and environment monitoring » inform that for today all rivers of area were opened from ice. The high water has begun with small backlog from average long-term indicators. Water level lifting is observed almost on all rivers. Lifting level different, from 1 to 105 see
On the river Vyatka in a disctrict of the city of Kirov for last days water has arrived on 28 see And all from the beginning of a high water water in Vyatka around Kirov has arrived more than on three metres.
- Rising of water predicted. Anything critical does not occur yet, - has assured the deputy the head - the chief of department of water resources across the Kirov region Kamsky bassejnovogo water management Alexander Timshin. - Certainly, snow was more than last year, and last year water has arrived approximately on five metres. That is level will rise still.
we Will remind that last year when water in the river has risen on four metres to use water from - under the crane in the eating purposes to inhabitants of Kirov have forbidden. As water from Vyatka has filled in lakes with an old waste, and chemicals have got to the river. And as water to inhabitants of Kirov submit from the river, to drink it it was unsafe.
Water in Vyatka arrives on 20 - every day, therefore it is easy to count up 40 sm that in some days it will exceed a critical mark in four metres.
last year restriction of a drinking mode has been entered since April, 28th. But, under forecasts, this year the high water peak will come in the first of May.
- the High water this year goes with backlog for some days, - Alexander Stepanovich has explained.
City administration in case in a city it is necessary to limit drinking water supply, it was converted to heads of the enterprises of Kirov with the request to prepare available water carriers for maintenance kirovchan pure potable water.
Yesterday the company « a health Key » which sells drinking deep-well water in a city, has increased an operating time of the booths on an hour.
is a decision it was, of course, accepted in connection with a high water, - speak in the company. Now to buy pure water it is possible with 9. 00 to 21. 00 in everyday life, with 9. 00 to 20. 00 in the days off. The price for water litre promise not to raise. Now it - 2,40 roubles.