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The fast and quick karapuzy crept behind prizes from “

In feast Cβεςλξι of Easter « has spent for the smallest inhabitants of our city. It already the third city championship on run in toddlers. This year it passed in the Perm house of national creativity. The first time of participants was 23, last year demands have submitted already more than 80 persons, and now the quantity of interested persons has reached hundred! Malyshnju have divided into four age groups: about one year, from a year to two, from two to three and from three till four years.    

the First on start left, to be exact, remains about one year have crept out. But here an ill luck: as soon as words « have sounded; On start, attention, a march! » to creep 7 - a metre distance have wanted not all. 8 - monthly ljalki at all did not understand, that from them want. Mums and fathers enticed children favourite toys, cellular telephones, twisted before a nose Easter eggs. 9 - monthly Mishu Tsareva before start was conducted by all family: mum did not allow Mishe to lag behind, pushing the child behind, the father crept ahead, attracting the son a bright toy, and elder sister sideways ran, enticing the brother the camera.  

Than only parents of children that they have crawled to finish did not entice.
a photo: Irina MOLOKOTINA

- We trained at home, - mum 11 - monthly   has told; Nasti Zenzjuk which have taken the second place, - here the daughter also has not brought: it has cheerfully crept a distance, and then also on the second circle has gone.

But has most amazed 9 - monthly Tatyana Svetlakova. It so has bright crept on floor-mats that has overtaken all 33 from rivals.

  « has collected jury   to estimate runnings of kids. It, contrary to traditions, was completely not strict. Tatyana Sannikova has headed its general director of the Perm house of national creativity.

  - Running in toddlers at all competition, and a good family feast. Look, what perfect families have gathered,   - Tatyana Markovna rejoiced together with all.   - the Overall objective of this comic running - maintenance of image of a family. After all how the kid runs is important not, and how support it in a family. In a hall not only mums   the whole families, and this family heat   here have gathered; the most valuable to us.

After the first running the children began to prepare for start is more senior: from a year till two years. Improbable speed has shown Anja Naumov - to it 1 year of 9 months, - won first place. While other rivals only - only crawled to finish, the bright little girl in a trice slipped from start to finish of whole two times.

the Present fight for the first place has inflamed at children at the age from two till three years.


Participants before start.
a photo: Irina MOLOKOTINA

the Help of parents here was minimum. Aside children`s rattles -   on start leave dvuhletki. The children reached finish for few seconds. The ending was purely man`s   to the first - a three have got Nikita Igoshin, Nikita Turpanov and Egor Ivans.

  - Egor and lazaet also creeps perfectly. We to defeat, the son of the house trained,     - parents told.

Struggle for the first place was especially serious among kids from three till four years   - after all at this age those children still shustriki. Parents supported children behind a protection. All solved second. In a three of winners there were two boys - Vladimir Cherepenok and Ivan Fedorov   - and the beauty Sofia Baglaj. It also has won first place, having overcome a distance for 5,5 seconds.

But even those kids who zastesnjalis or have begun to cry, having withdrawn, have not left from a feast without gifts. All children have received from « good and useful gifts, because for us, expensive readers, the main thing   - that your children always were happy! And we, in turn, promise and to have such cheerful family feasts further.

Partners of our feast: the Perm house of national creativity, mineral water « Arhyz » Eventΰγενςρςβξ « Celebratory stories » the Perm state theatre of dolls and the Perm theatre of the young spectator.

Look the photo report: « the Third city championship on run in toddlers »