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On the gone student whom search across all Russia, the former Novosibirsk militiaman

In the beginning of March « has casually come across; told about 20 - the summer student from Moscow Igor Grudtsinove. Having learnt that the girl has decided to leave it, the guy has thrown study and, without having told native words, has gone to a taiga - in the small settlement Kargat of the Novosibirsk region surrounded with woods. There the student has lived the savage of all some days. What`s happened with the guy then - till now it is not known. Igor already half a year is searched by his mother and field investigators. And if at first policemen assumed that the student could leave Novosibirsk and travel a self-locking device on other Russian cities, now are assured what to search for it it is necessary at us. On Monday, on April, 25th, to Novosibirsk there has arrived also his mother Elena Grudtsinova that together with field investigators to try to find the son - the ascetic.

- Recently in Novosibirsk Igor saw the former militiaman - at it garage in October area, in the street Elective, there he and has met my son, - has told « » Elena Grudtsinova. - the Guy has asked for it money, has told that has got to a difficult situation and cannot come back home … the Man has refused. And in some days it put on the account the car in traffic police and while stood in a queue, has seen orientation with Igor`s person which has learnt at once, and has called by specified phones.

Elena hopes that this time can find the son. Behind the help unfortunate mother was converted already and on television - the woman has acted in film in the program « Wait for me » and even to capital psychics who acted in film on TNT.

- I have paid 10 thousand roubles for reception at Svetlana Proskurnjakovoj, - Elena admits. - she has told that it is necessary to search for the son in the big city centre where there is any spike. Certainly, I understand that it can appear a lie, but I believe already to any information … And very much I hope that I will soon see at last the boy.

Dear readers, help unfortunate mother to find the son - the student. If you know, where there is Igor Grudtsinov, call us in edition by phones: (383 236 - 23 - 81 or 8 - 923 - 145 - 11 - 17 or Elena Grudtsinovoj by phone 8 - 961 - 219 - 52 - 29.