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Psychics were connected to search of the five years` boy

Besides five years` Vitalik Elansky`s Novosibirsk policemen usual people search also. 35 volunteers whom the destiny of the child is not indifferent, in these days off combed areas where there can be a kid.

- We searched for Vitalik in October and Pervomaisk areas, and also in village New meadow, - has told « Anastas Golotina, the manager volonterskoj the organisations « DobroSpas - Novosibirsk ». - Worked, despite a gale and a bad weather. Volunteers stuck orientations to the child, and also interrogated local residents. However while anything new it was not possible to learn.

Last time of the child with father Sergey Elansky saw near villages New meadow, on it traces of the boy break. We will remind, Sergey has taken away the son from a garden still on April, 18th and has declared to the wife from whom they have parted that that any more will not see the child. On April, 21st the man has set fire to itself, having come to work. In the evening of the same day he has died in hospital, without regaining consciousness. A question on which knew the answer only it: where there is small Vitalik? - Remained to be groundless. About the five years` boy there are no news a week. Policemen admit: hope that the child is live, thaws every day.

Volunteers on all city stick announcements of search of the boy
the Photo: volonterskoj the organisations « DobroSpas - Novosibirsk ».

- Before to pour over itself gasoline and to set fire, Sergey has declared that has left the child at any friend, but we have bypassed already all its acquaintances, have interrogated hundreds local residents, - admit the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. - if the boy was at someone the house people necessarily would learn from newspapers and television reportings that for the child search, would be converted to us … But while any calls did not arrive.

Elena, mum of the boy, has already despaired to search for the child. She was converted behind the help to psychics. However, clairvoyant and call in police, voice guesses about where there can be a kid. However, it a little than helps a consequence - say frequently the same that write in newspapers and show on TV.

Policemen admit that now the main thing - to learn, where the father with the boy were from Monday till Thursday. If there was an answer to this question, the child at once would find. But Sergey as if knew that in its movement on a city policemen &hellip can become interested;

- Not a secret that by a mobile phone from which the person calls, it is possible to define its site. When Sergey took away the son from a kindergarten, at it there was a mobile phone - on April, 18th in the morning it called up to the wife, swore … And then the man has run to itself home and has left phone there - as if understood that so it cannot be tracked down, - speak in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. - after that he has called the wife already on April, 21st and not with cellular, and from phone of the colleague. So to define by a mobile phone where all this time hid the father with the boy, unfortunately, it is impossible. But searches of the child proceed …

Dear readers if something is known to you about Vitaly`s possible site, call by police phones: (383 232 - 17 - 53, 232 - 17 - 70 or 266 - 02 - 02. By sight to the boy of 5 years, growth about 110 sm, hair light, has been dressed in a dark blue jacket on a synthetic winterizer, black jeans and a knitted hat.

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