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The flown into a rage pincers keep count against zabajkaltsev to own advantage

Already without small two months, in appearance absolutely harmless insects skip on trees and bushes of Transbaikalia, and to stop the « extensively - loose » a way of life, apparently, small parasites do not gather. Every day number of the people converted behind the help to doctors in medical - preventive establishments, inevitably grows - only in regional capital such was already 56. In all Transbaikalia, for April, 20th under a sting of a dangerous insect 198 persons, 72 of them - children have got. With what svjazanna such activity of these insects, we have asked experts of Rospotrebnadzora in Transbaikalian edge:

- On a broader scale dangerous, from the point of view prisasyvanija pincers, the season lasts from April till September. This year the season has begun very much early, approximately with the middle of March when in the street it became solar and warmly. The matter is that activity of the tick directly depends on weather conditions: Air and humidity temperatures. The tick starts to clear up at srednednevnoj to temperature +3, +5 degrees, at temperature above +15 degrees it becomes as much as possible active, - Marina Faizulina, the deputy chief of department Rospotrebnadzora on Transbaikalian edge has told.

And leaves if to return several weeks ago it is possible to remember that, for example, for March, 25th in regional capital places already was +8 ° C. Then - that insects also have started to remind of themselves to townspeople. The essential difference in comparison with last year visually is shown by statistics - in 2010 in the beginning of April of any similar case has not been registered.

But we will return by the present period:

- At research it is found out that from the arrived 111 insects sent for laboratory diagnostics, six of them have been infected kleshchevym entsefalitom, - Marina Faizulina speaks. - in due time taken measures will help to avoid a misfortune.

the Basic measure of preventive maintenance at kleshchevom entsefalite, experts speak, there is a vaccinal prevention. As Sergey Chaban, the chairman of committee of public health services, for today in Chita has noted a sufficient stock of an antibody. But nevertheless, townspeople do not need to weaken vigilance.

Our editor Tatyana is dressed incorrectly, sleeve waters, the collar and gachi trousers easily can creep the tick.
a photo: the author.


disease First signs kleshchevym entsefalitom, are shown in rise in temperature to 37,5 - 38 degrees, there is a weakness, a headache, a nausea, irritability. If similar symptoms are marked after you have found out on the body of the tick the first that it is necessary to make, it to be converted into hospital behind medical aid. The earlier the diagnosis is made and effective treatment is appointed, the it is more probability of success in an absolute recovery without disease transition in the chronic form and the subsequent physical inability.

At recent session of city administration Anatoly Mikhalev, the mayor of Chita has set the task to workers housing - a municipal complex of the regional centre especially carefully to process from pincers of a place of mass visitation of townspeople.

After the spent analysis such zones of risk, as area Molokovki, stadium SibVo, the area of Decembrists, pad by Lapochkina, vicinities of the river Nikishihi and other territories have been defined.


As itself to conduct, if you have found out on a body of the tick

the Stuck tick it is necessary to remove immediately, and in nowise it is impossible to admit, that its head has come off and remained in a body of the person.

For this purpose moisten with its soap solution or spirit as it is possible is better seize its tweezers for the beginning of a head and only then pull.

In the shortest terms deliver an insect in laboratory especially dangerous, virus and others prirodno - ochagovyh infections FGUZ « the Center of hygiene and epidemiologii Transbaikalian edge » (street Leningrad – 70) also be immediately converted to the doctor.

« Has made the table of areas of edge where the greatest activity of pincers is observed.



Areas of activity of pincers

Number bitten zabajkaltsev



the Chita area


Uletovsky area


Kyrinsky area


Tungokochensky area


Aginsky area