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The Voronezh priest has died after easter vigil

In Light Christ`s Anastasis father Vladimir spent easter vigil. It has ended about the half fourth morning. And in five father has arrived home and has laid down to have a rest. About eight has called in a temple, has told that soon will arrive. However an hour later at the priest heart has stopped.

is happens literally during one instant, - has told « the church-goer of a temple Evgenie Ivlev. - the mother tried to render to it first aid, has run behind a medicine, has returned in some seconds, but father Vladimir did not breathe any more...
physicians assume that the priest has died of heart attack. All who close communicated with the father, its sudden demise povergla in the present shock. After all father Vladimir never complained of health and was always full of energy. As it has appeared, the impression was deceptive.

- Actually, father Vladimir had serious problems with health, - Evgenie Ivlev remembers. - it has transferred many operations...

Nevertheless, church-goers of a temple speak, the father was in time much. Father Vladimir headed social department Voronezhsko - Borisoglebsky archdiocese, actively participated in work of regional public chamber... It was at the beginnings of creation of a temple of sacred Ravnoapostolnogo of grand duke Vladimir which build now near to the Rotunda.   the first stone in the church basis have put in 1999 - also in Paschal sedmitsu.

- It is considered that for Easter the Lord takes away those whom loves, and absolves all of them sins, - church-goers speak. - not without reason, it is visible, it has tidied up our father in such day...

Father Vladimir ministered in this temple about the last days.
a photo: Olga VOLKOVA

And though ecclesiastics consider such opinion only as superstition, life of father Vladimir name an example of the present self-sacrifice.

- Father Vladimir was not the hereditary priest, it has ended fiziko - mathematical faculty of the Rostov university, - has told « archimandrite Andrey, secretary Voronezhsko - Borisoglebsky archdiocese. - it from those who was converted to Orthodoxy in the late eighties when official persecutions on church have stopped... Thanks to it to very many people from the scientific world the way to truth also has opened, after all they spoke in one language.

Father Vladimir was engaged in philanthropy much, helped the impotent. In temple territory there is a bus on which carried wretched church-goers and on archdiocese temples, and at excursion, and even in a delphinarium.

- last year during summer fires the father has organised clothes gathering, - church-goers remember. - people at whom on fire has burnt down literally everything, were built in huge turns. Work went round the clock...

In day of Light Christ`s Anastasis father Vladimir as always was cheerful and, appear, is full of strength.

- Never I will forget its paschal pleasure, - Evgenie Ivlev speaks. - it left an altar and has told: « Heart exults! » It, probably, also was its main task - that a temple which it built, became not simply architectural structure, and a temple God`s where there will be a love between all christians. It also bequeathed it to all of us...

Funeral of father Vladimir will take place on Tuesday, on April, 26th, about 11 o`clock in the morning. The priest will be betrayed to the earth in church territory.

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the First stone in the base of a temple of sacred Ravnoapostolnogo of grand duke Vladimir have put in 1999. Then have established a cross. For the basis of an under construction temple have brought the earth from a Kulikovo field, Borodino, the Prohorovsky field and Mamayev Kurgana.

-   on April, 12th, 1999 have consecrated a place, a cross and a stone in the temple basis. Protopope Vladimir Kirillov became the prior of ward.

-   In January, 2002 regular worship services in a time temple - in the converted railway car which have overtaken with ekskavatornogo factory have begun.

-   on July, 17th, 2004 the bottom limit of a temple has been consecrated, and regular services have begun.

-   on April, 24th, 2005 a metropolitan Voronezh and Borisoglebsky Sergy has consecrated a temple belfry.

-   on April, 20th, 2011 father Vladimir has consecrated cross and a dome which are located over the central input in a temple.