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Now drivers - reckless drivers are watched by a model of the inspector of traffic police

In the Kirov traffic police have decided to test a new method of struggle against failures on roads. Old - open lessons at schools, patrol of crossroads and pedestrian crossings, video observation chambers - is visible, insufficiently. Children, having seen enough, as the road is run across by adults, too break, employees of traffic police cannot stand in streets days, the chamber in each street will not put. Here also have decided to call in traffic police to the aid new tireless « the employee » - a model of the inspector of traffic police.

- This experience we have adopted at our neighbours. In Perm artificial inspectors on roads have appeared for a long time and well itself have recommended. Have solved and in Kirov this method to test that drivers behaved more accurately on roads and became less failures. Not a secret that at the sight of the inspector of traffic police on road the majority cease « lihachit » - Elena Gyrdymova has told the inspector of the fourth department of traffic police on the city of Kirov.

One model of the employee has managed in 20 000 roubles. Made it by request of traffic police within a week in « Kirovsignale » where also traffic signs do. Weighs « a sculpture » approximately 15 « a kilogramme ». It is made not of a cardboard, not from plywood, and from zinced iron, and a skeleton at it - from a metal pipe. And the image - from a moisture-proof film. Will not fall off. During any bad weather can stand on road.

the model just like the real Kirov inspector of traffic police Is made. Directly poured out both the person, and a constitution. And, for a prototype took one of the best employees of traffic police of Kirov, the exemplary employee. However a name it carefully hide. But say that that the double remained is happy, it was pleasant even.

the Model of the inspector of traffic police - not an advertising rack, the special fixed place behind it will not be. It will transport from place to place and to put at roadsides of roads. So drivers should not feed illusions that, having seen it once and having distinguished a dirty trick, then him will meet on the same place. It will be on duty on road even at night - the form at it, as at the present inspector, with svetootrazhajushchimi parts. So it is in the dark visible not bad.

By the way, any protection to a model will not put. Though in other regions of Russia cases when artificial inspectors spoilt, and even on a broader scale « are known; withdrew » from fast in an unknown direction. Perhaps are on duty now at someone on summer residences. In Kirov while hope that anything similar with their model does not happen.

By the summer on the Kirov roads can appear still an order of ten models of inspectors of traffic police. In city traffic police count that such « majachki » will allow to lower avrijnost on roads. After all the majority of road accident occur from - for excess of a high-speed mode. And so - there is an inspector, like « to drive » by it - is more expensive.