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The Chinese pianist have sentenced to execution for murder of the peasant

Severe punishment will incur 21 - the summer Chinese student of conservatory on a class of a piano of Jao Tszjasin which has been recognised by guilty of failure with deadly exod. The young man have sentenced to execution.

on October, 20th, 2010 Jao by the car of Chevrolet Cruze has brought down 26 - the summer Chzhan Mjao going on the way to a bicycle. Having driven into the girl, the pianist has stopped and left the car. Endeavouring to rise from asphalt, Chzhan tried to remember number of the car of the reckless driver and with might and main examined figures. It has infuriated the musician: the villain has rushed to the car, has seized a knife and ispolosoval unfortunate, having put it eight blows. Wounds have appeared deadly, and Chzhan has died on the spot. Having used violence, the pianist has jumped in the car and has given on gases: it has disappeared from a slaughter-house place so immediately that has brought down two more pedestrians.

In two days after tragedy of the student has tortured conscience, and it was in police together with parents. JAo admitted brutal murder, having told guards that the unfortunate girl brought down by it was priezzhej from village. And with « the bumpkin » to the intelligent pianist was to agree much more difficult, he was afraid of the big monetary expenditure for treatment of the girl.

the Consequence has established that at arrival of Chzhan has got off with foot crisis, and no threat of her life existed, if not « trouble » the student of conservatory for the purse.

the Court has considered cruel and cool character of murder, and even the appearance from the guilty has not rescued Jao from fair wages. The pianist will be executed, and till this time he is obliged to pay to a family of the victim (at killed there was a two-year son) indemnification in 45 thousand yuans (an order of 7 thousand dollars), reports Reuters.

As marks agency « Sinhua » The Chinese mass-media by means of experts have made a psychological portrait of the murderer. It appears, to become musician Jao parents have forced. The little boy since the childhood not vzljubil art: once it, without wishing to be engaged, it was enraged so that has crushed a grand piano, having torn out all keys. According to psychologists, just the same flash of rage has resulted in cruel murder.