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Mon Platin Professional: How to return to hair force and healthy shine

Magic force of female beauty healthy, well-groomed hair which playful shine attract all eyes men possess, give self-trust and for a long time became the present card of any woman.

Many are assured that a secret of silky hair - result of regular campaigns in beauty salons. We will agree. But in a modern rhythm of life we hardly manage to find for this purpose pair of superfluous hours. And to remain attractive it would be desirable always!

a Unique series of cosmetics Mon Platin Professional   arrives to Byelorussia directly from Israel - one of the most non-polluting places on the earth. The saturation of preparations butters, minerals and microcells of the Dead Sea creates positive miracles with hair. The spring - is a high time to start transfiguration, to indulge itself and to arrange to the hair the present regenerative therapy which will add it of life and energy after long winter. For this purpose at a series Mon Platin Professional   there is a set of means. What will approach you?

healthy shine

Whey for hair on the basis of an extract of a linen seed

Each time when we dry hair the hair dryer, they lose the natural humidity, so also healthy shine. You use often hot air for drying? For you it is simply necessary « Whey for hair on the basis of an extract of a linen seed ». Only several drops put before packing, it is enough that the painted and hurt hair easily combed hair, became elastic and elastic. And « Whey on the basis of black caviar » natural shine, softness will add to hair and will protect from harmful influence of heat during packing and harmful influence of weather conditions.

Whey on the basis of black caviar

One more preparation which necessarily should be in an arsenal of protective means of hair at any woman - « Termo Bilder » with proteins of silk, black caviar, antioxidants, vitamins and oblepihovym and garnet butters. Means works only under the influence of heat (from the hair dryer or utjuzhka for straightening). Emulsija gets deep into hair, it is condensed inside and thus creates a unique layer which fills and envelops hair, does their smooth and elastic.

Termo Bilder

« East butter » with butter jojoba, a tree arganii, proroshchennoj wheat and vitamin E. Some drops pounded in palms - and your hair are shone by healthy shine and saturated by a natural moisture. Butter approaches for protection of hair against harmful influence of environment and prevention of section of hair.

East butter

we Hide from the sun

In the street already warms the present genial sunshine. If we constantly hid our head of hear under the elegant hat, many problems with hair would manage to be avoided. Alas, we daily substitute them under sun rays. This most protective hat can become « the Silicone spray » the containing strong ultra-violet filter. Its drawing is necessary as required that will present to your hair   shine, energy and softness.

the Silicone spray

  For it respond special natural silikony which envelop hair, give them volume and silkiness.

« the Spray on the basis of black caviar » for a long time saves humidity of hair. It contains silk proteins, vegetative extracts - antioxidants (a pomegranate and green tea) and the unique silicone component creating protection from UVA -   and UVB - radiations that gives additional   shine and light to your hair.

The spray on the basis of black caviar

Is sated by a natural moisture

Some times in a week hair it is possible and it is necessary to indulge masks. By the way, according to historians, the recipe of density and silkiness of hair of Cleopatra consists in them. A secret of masks Mon Platin Professional   in natural butters and force of the Dead Sea.

Generously to humidify the hurt and painted hair will help « the Medical mask on the basis of black caviar and oblepihovogo butters » which will provide the optimum vitamin express train - leaving and a hair shine in any environmental conditions. The preparation contains a complex unique silikonov, olive oil, a silk protein together with a beer milk and vegetative extracts of a pomegranate and green tea.

the Medical mask on the basis of black caviar and oblepihovogo butters

Ask in beauty salons and shops of your city.

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