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Ravis a waste in the water drain does not dump!

as informs a press - integrated poultry farm service, on April, 20th 2011 municipal unitary enterprise « water supply and water removal Production association » the telephone message has demanded presence of experts of the company « Ravis » for acknowledgement of unapproved dump of products of processing of a bird. However to the experts who have arrived on treatment facilities of factory of the facts confirming emission, and have not presented. It is fixed in the corresponding certificate. Meanwhile in mass-media have given absolutely other information!

By the way, MUP povv carries out reception and the sewage treatment, arriving with one sewer pump station at once from several subscribers, including from Open Society « Makfa » and Roshchinsky rural settlement, specifies a press - integrated poultry farm service.

the Company « Ravis » — The modern enterprise working under the European nature protection standards. It puts millions roubles in environment protection. Here several years poultry breeders use the European technology which does not have analogues in Uralsk federal district, completely excluding hit of products of processing in system of sewage. The same fact is proved by numerous checks by supervising bodies, including the nature protection organisations. The conclusions of reports are unequivocal: « Infringements of requirements of the nature protection legislation regarding the reference with production wastes and consumption it is not revealed ». All it bears that the company « Ravis » carries out the activity within the limits of the nature protection legislation.

Finding-out of relations of two managing subjects with use of mass-media from party MUP POVV accepts system character. We will remind, the spring of last year had been fabricated information scandal « About a chicken dung in the Shershnevsky water basin ». Then, as well as now, the facts have not proved to be true. Meanwhile, as they say, the deposit remained.

we Consider that MUP povv similar information attacks tries to decline all responsibility before the population for infringement of technology and poor-quality work of treatment facilities in thawing of snow and a spring high water, informs a press - company service « Ravis ».