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The Yaroslavl beauty - 2011: the mum`s smile has helped to Defeat!

this year competition has turned out very frank. Girls almost did not hesitate in dresses. Left both in shorts, and in translucent dresses, both in bathing suits, and in underwear. Raged from passion in a web, danced barefoot, were at all bared to underwear and stockings, without having forgotten to hang up on a neck a roman catholic cross. Girls entered at image Merilin of Monroe, Lyudmila Gurchenko, heroines « Mulen Ruzh ».

Competition for long-legged beauties has passed on Saturday in a recreation centre of a name of Dobrynin. It is the next regional stage after which the winner can go on competition « Beauty of Russia ». We will remind, a crown of the most beautiful girl in the country last year took the inhabitant of Yaroslavl - Dasha Konovalova (more in detail: Beauty of Russia there was a Yaroslavl girl! ) .

the Third place in present competition was received by the effective long-haired brunette « and - lja Oksana Fedorova » Natalia Larioshina. The second has got to Olga Gnezdilovoj who has acted in image of Lyudmila Markovny.

And a crown of the winner of jury has given to the smiling blonde, the schoolgirl 10 - go a school class to 74 Ekaterina Shlapak.

- Me the mum`s smile has helped to defeat, it was descended to me, - Katya is assured. - and competition has taught me to much, including to behave on a scene, it is beautiful to go. It is a wide experience, after all I have come to agency several months ago.

Katya`s Victory is just that case when the opinion of jury has coincided with expectations of a hall. The girl throughout all competition krichalkami and an applause was supported by a huge part of spectators.

- I do not think that I will continue model career, I am going to arrive on economic, - despite victory, Katya is assured. - Career and a family for me is more important than these competitions.

And here the father of the winner, the deputy of municipality Konstantin Shlapak, wish to see again the daughter on a podium.

- If the daughter will continue to participate in such competitions, I not against.