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In terrible failure near Kostroma the young woman

On Friday, on April, 22nd was lost, about eight evenings near village Karimovo of Kostroma area there was a serious failure. 32 - summer kostromichka, operating the car VAZ - 21074, on decent speed has left on an oncoming traffic strip where has faced in a forehead a motor vehicle « Audi ».

Blow has turned out shattering. Both cars have considerably suffered. From crumpled « the seven » rescuers have hardly taken the woman - the driver. Unfortunately, it any more did not submit life signs. The inhabitant of Kostroma has died even before arrival « fast ». Serious traumas has received and 42 - the summer owner « Audi » the man hospitalised in regional hospital.

That became the road accident reason on enough dry road and to not absolutely night-time, employees of traffic police now establish. While it is known that both drivers were sober. On the given fact investigation is conducted.

In passed days off on Kostroma roads to road accident have suffered two more persons. On Sunday, on April, 24th, about 22 hours on Kostroma highway in the city of Galich the driver « Renault » has brought down 28 - the summer man. The victim have brought to hospital
Today, on April, 25th, in 2. 40 failure has occurred in the street Soviet in Kostroma. 19 - the summer owner of the scooter tried to slip between two cars, but has not managed to drive the « the fad - gorbunka ». At first skuterist has faced the car « Renault » then it has rejected on VAZ - 2115 then it and its passenger have taken off from a saddle and have fallen to road. The guy has got off light, and here 19 - summer   the girl « fast » delivered in fracture clinic. Unlike the driver, it on a head did not have a protective helmet.