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Sergey Stepashin about business of Bank of Moscow: Certainly, nobody will return billion...

there is no end to drudgeries eks - heads of Bank of Moscow Andrey Borodina. The Audit Chamber of Russia has made decision to bring an action on the former president of Bank of Moscow Andrey Borodina. An object of an action - to return losses of federal and capital budgets. About it following the results of conference « the State and business against corruption » the head of Audit Chamber Sergey Stepashin.

- Borodin one billion dollars has earned - here we on billion dollars in court and we will submit to return them in the budget of Russia and Moscow, - Sergey Stepashin has informed on Monday.

we Will remind, couple of months back the Audit Chamber has studied a financial status of Bank of Moscow. Controllers have found infringements at delivery of credits that became the basis for business excitation on the president of bank Andrey Borodina upon excess of powers of office. The financier has been urged to sell the part of actions in Bank of Moscow. And repeatedly complained of bias of a consequence and supervising bodies.

- Any involvement and the more so rejderskogo capture of bank is not present, - Sergey Stepashin has assured journalists.

In too time, the head of Audit Chamber it is not assured claim happy end. The purpose in other.

- At least nerves it is wound, - Stepashin speaks.

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Sergey Stepashin`s Comment : About a situation round Bank of Moscow

« took the exclusive comment from Sergey Vadimovicha:

- Sergey Vadimovich, at me a question concerning your performance at conference « the State and business against corruption ». You have told that now on Borodino bring an action, it has received 1 billion dollars...

- Yes.

- And you on 1 billion dollars on it submit to court.

- Certainly, nobody will return billion. But that it obolgal Audit Chamber and the auditor … it is the fact. Having told that to us have brought any paper that we should tell that - that, and the board has made this decision. Well totally ludicrous and lie. For lie it is necessary to respond.

- And to an occasion of its statement about rejderskogo bank capture?

- Start up will prove.

- And you hope, what it all - taki will return billion?

is a question not to me, and to court.

- As then it is possible to conceive your statement, what hardly it will be possible to return the declared sum, but it will be possible to pull about nerves?

- Well, the person should be responsible for the words, I would tell so. And that at us are easily converted with any the so-called facts, with surnames operate. Especially lately – all who feel like it, a dirt pour. For slander everyone should bear a criminal liability provided by the law.

- Has understood.

Alexander of DINS