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On May, 1st in culture establishments of the Novosibirsk region will begin financial revolution

Novosibirsk, as it is known, like to name cultural capital of Siberia. Not only because we have an Opera theatre and an art museum. The capital status, naturally, means constant perfection. About new projects in the field of culture we have decided to talk to the person, which problem – to develop culture in region. On a visit at Novosibirsk « Natalia Yaroslavtsev has visited the minister of culture of the Novosibirsk region.

- Natalia Vasilevna, what represents today sphere of culture of the Novosibirsk region? And for what to you how to the minister, it will be never a shame?

- When I have come to work to culture department, I have understood that it is impossible to be engaged only in regional culture establishments, and not to interfere with everything that occurs, from the point of view of life of usual people. We began to interfere with such questions as design and architecture, corporate culture, we began to speak about codes of honour of professionals. Then we « have threatened » on the modern art Center. Sejchasmy we want to make constantly operating exhibition - sale « the City of masters ». And today already there is no such Ministry to which we did not offer bysovmestnyj the project. The culture should open all borders for the power, business, a civil society, mass media because each of us in itself will reach nothing. Culture – it is soul of the people. Each person should have a possibility for development of the creative abilities. A power problem – to create conditions.

- In what direction the culture ministry now works?

- We now form the program which will be called « Culture of the Novosibirsk region on 2012 - 2016 ». It will be a part of the Federal program. And we very much would like, that some bright projects have got to it, onidostojny supports. The first step in this direction was the astrophysical centre for which the Ministry of culture of Russia has allocated 200 million roubles, the area and a city have added the means, and as a result we will receive big cultural - the educational centre. And so, to get to the program, to get support all areas, a considerable quantity of the organisations want, and as a whole we will position Novosibirsk as cultural capital.

- We know that a considerable part of culture establishments have received the status of autonomies. How they now work?

- Today from 32 regional culture establishments subordinated to the ministry 15 are independent. The salary in the establishments which have passed in an autonomy, became more in 1,6 times for all employees. Incomes of establishments too have grown. There, where incomes were absolutely small, they have increased approximately by 50 %. And where - that have grown and in 10 times. If, for example, the theatre received 3 million incomes now it receives 30 million roubles. And now the Ministry of Finance of Russia has made our the proposal: to publish the collection and on an example of the Novosibirsk region to tell about all « pluses » and « minuses » transition to an autonomy. That is to extend our experience across all Russia.  

- Name, please, the most commercially successful independent establishments?

- Theatres « the Red torch » « the Globe » « the Old house » theatre of the Musical comedy and theatre of dolls. From not theatres successfully work theatrical institute, Russian - the German house, a recreation centre of October revolution and a recreation centre « the Native land » in Berdsk. Employees of establishments in an autonomy have felt this transition at once because the salary in such establishment directly depends on the list of staff and from what means are allocated for aspect of stimulation. Independent establishments do not need to hold « superfluous » rates to increase the salary to the workers, they can work more effectively smaller number.

- And what will be with establishments which have not passed in an autonomy?

- In culture of the Novosibirsk region, unique region of Russia, on May, 1st there will be an original revolution from the point of view budgetary - economic activities. All cultures of establishment subordinated to the ministry which yet do not send vavtonomnye, since May, 1st will have the status « new budgetary establishments ». All of them will work on a grant allocated in the uniform sum from the regional budget. New budgetary establishments on - former will participate in tenders, but they can paint, how much they will spend money, in what quarter, and for what position.

- As affairs with transition in an autonomy in rural culture establishments are?

- Now vrajonah areas two independent establishments – in Marsh and Berdsk. According to plan, which have put to me on a table, by May, 1st will be defined in 30 areas and cities of the Novosibirsk region of 52 independent establishments, the others will be new budgetary. Now we hold meetings in areas, we collect heads of settlements, we explain that transition in an autonomy will give vozmozhnostrazvivatsja to regional recreation centres, cultural - dosugovym to the centres, libraries and children`s schools of arts. But will solve it of the head of municipalities, I can only try to convince them and to show efficiency. It will be my work for 2011.

- As the regional library network develops?

- In 2011 the government of the Novosibirsk region in one thousand times has increased means for acquisition of books for libraries. Such you will not meet anywhere. If earlier we had any sum « mythical » this time areas will receive 44 million roubles. Besides, in 4 times we have increased the sum by repair of establishments and on equipment acquisition. Now the ministry kulturysovmestno with regional library prepares letters of recommendation for areas concerning what books need to be got. In lists there will be a legal, economic literature, takneobhodimaja for zaochnikov, and also the literature on art and the encyclopaedia for children. But what books as a result will appear in libraries, all - taki will depend on the one who will win the auctions.

- As the cinema industry, what prospects of development develops in areas you see at Novosibirsk kinovideoprokata?

- We do everything to save kinovideoprokat in remote places. Now in 22 areas of the Novosibirsk region is 160 old and 60 new video installations. Two years ago we have created the embedding program in old installations of system of red eyes. There is it where - that 50 - 60 thousand. And now in areas can show as a film, and DVD. We in film service funds have more than 2,5 thousand films of the Soviet, Russian cinema, plus documentary films. At us the contract with the company « is concluded; 20 centuries Fox » and now actually all films which appear in a city, go at once and to the remote place. On a broader scale, I have a dream, by experience of Tatarstan, to buy at least three film mobiles for the remote areas of area. Then it would be not necessary to suffer with this old equipment and to contain the film mechanic.

- We do not have not enough book festival or fair.

- the Book fair – It is a question of our near future as this question of library have put. We plan it to spend within the limits of festival « the White stain ». Its scales yet big to pull such fair as in Krasnoyarsk we cannot yet.

- What new projects in the field of culture you are ready to support?

- you know that we have opened youth « the First theatre » as independent establishment. Now within the limits of theatrical institute we have created Novosibirsk theatre of music and a word. It is the project of teachers and students where they invite young actors from conservatory, and do statements on platforms which we give them. The first project does Novosibirsk theatre of music and a word in a building of an art museum. By the way, we have opened there cafe that to people it was convenient and comfortable. Also we want to have at each theatre such cafe that after performance it was possible to sit, something to discuss and communicate to the favourite actor. I will necessarily support the new project « the Siberian chanson » which to me have just offered. In a philharmonic society hall concerts where there will be not a criminal song, and the Siberian chanson which sing soul and heart will be organised. And such projects are born daily.